Top 5 Android Guitar Apps for Musicians

Guitar app for android

Guitar app  for androidTop 5 Android Guitar Apps for Musicians

Technology across the globe is advancing at an alarming rate. Mobile companies for instance are advancing daily in as far as phone applications are concerned. Android devices have helped musicians a great deal in nurturing their talents especially those who play guitar or dabble on the piano. With overwhelming obligations ranging from work, school to family’s responsibilities, android applications have enabled musicians to be next to their instruments every time.

Here are best android 5 applications for guitarist and guitar player:

The Ultimate Guitar

This is an application used regularly by the guitarists. It is generally an advanced version of the trendy tab site. It is perfect to use because:
· Getting hands on the guitar tabs is quick.
· The application is composed of over 40000 tabs with note links enable guitarist to learn and play songs of any kind.
· The cost of purchasing this application is worth its importance. It is not expensive and can be downloaded either from Google play or from AndroidPIT.

Android Guitar app

Tuner gStrings

This application does the work of chromatic tuner. It gets the job perfectly and nicely done especially for guitarist that dwells on drop D tunning. Tuner gString is perfect for the job because:
· It is not only limited to the guitar only, but also can tune other musical instruments like the piano, violin etc.
· Tuner provides the guitarist variety of options such as “Auto Tune” option. This helps in keeping the guitar in tune at all times.
· It can be downloaded free from the android stores. Sometimes it can be purchased but the worth it does is worth the price.

The Chord app

The Chord

This application gives musician’s easy access to any chord especially when learning new songs. Like the Tuner, it is available in free version and paid version.

For the paid version:
· It stretches the varieties of tunings on can search for.
· It also allows to listen to the chord by simply swiping the strings with a finger.
· It supports both the left as well as the right-handed instruments.

The free version on the other hand only provides five tunings for the standard guitar, the ukulele, bass, and banjo.


This android application allows musicians to either play their favourite songs or create some of their own with ease. It is perfect:

· When the guitar is not around and maybe, the urge to play hits you. Some musicians could be commuting, at school, at office making this application perfect for them.
· Because it can serve as either a reference or an accompaniment to other types of guitar like electric guitars, acoustic guitar, and even classical guitars, each enhancing an authentic sound
· Because it can play alongside any other musical tracks on the phone thus speeding up learning of chord from the web and any other relevant source.

Tape-machine recorder

This application allows guitarists and guitar players to quickly record ideas and vocals in an extremely high quality. Apart from recording, it helps in:
· Editing recorded song idea.
· Adjusting speeds of the song.
· Moreover, emailing the respective song idea to band or producer.

Like any other android device, it is downloaded from the Google play store.

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