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5 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

Apps for Business Travelers5 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

Undoubtedly, the advent of technology has changed the way modern man lives – even the way he travels. Nowadays, booking hotel rooms, organizing itineraries and searching for flights can be done using slick mobile applications. While there are numerous travel gadgets that can enhance your vacation, it is reassuring to know there are also lots of helpful travel apps that can help delight even the most demanding of business travelers.

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How Navigation Apps Are Helpful While Driving?


How Navigation Apps Are Helpful while Driving?

Harnessing the power of modern information technology and smartphone technology has many applications in business and life, and can even be utilized fruitfully while driving. Finding one's way to a remote location, particularly a place never visited before, is challenging even for experienced drivers. Android navigation applications, or apps, are designed specifically to ease this process, enabling a driver to reach their destination with a minimum of wasted time and petrol.

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Best Apps for Watching TV on Your iPhone

TV apps iphoneBest Apps for Watching TV on Your iPhone

There are a number of things that you can do with your iPhone for fun, but why look further than one of the most popular forms of entertainment – TV. This wasn’t possible for long after phones became sophisticated enough for their hardware to support streaming, simply because of the matter of paying for the program you are getting, but today you can find a ton of handy apps that will allow you to enjoy a bit of TV on your mobile device. These are just some of the ones that we have enjoyed most. Naturally, you should remember, that regardless of how much you are paying for the subscription or the app itself, the greatest cost will probably come from your data plan, as streaming videos can use up your monthly limit in no time.

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MonoGame Development for Windows 8 Apps (Metro Apps)

Monogame DevelopmentMonoGame Development for Windows 8 Apps

What is it?

“MonoGame” is the component which is used by developers to develop their favorite 2D games. It is an open-source implementation of MS XNA 4 frame work. Supported platforms are windows 8, iOS, Android, Linux and Mac. On the other side, it has some bugs and lack of features. But it is a good component and better alternative to XNA.

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