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How to Speed Up Wi-Fi Connection

Speed Up WiFi

speed up wifi

It is indisputable that the wireless network technology made a big impact in our lives today.

In this fast paced and high-tech generation, most people prefer to do things comfortably. The innovation of  Wi-Fi  (Wireless Fidelity) technology has made people lives easier.

With Wi-Fi network connection available on your portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, or Laptops, you can get connected to the Internet “On the Go”. It’s pretty obvious it has been a trend these days.

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Experience Security and Convenience Through Home Automation

home automation security systemExperience Security and Convenience Through Home Automation

Keeping your home safe is not always an easy task, but it is a task that you need to make a priority. Home invasions occur all over the world, on a daily basis, which is why securing the home with a security system is your best option. There are various methods you can use for home security, and a monitoring service is one of those methods. A more modern method used for securing your property is home automation. Both methods have proven to be effective, but for the convenience and extra benefits, more and more people are upgrading to home automation.

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Content Marketing or Link Building?

SEO Content MarketingContent Marketing or Link Building?

Ever since the roll-out of the Google Penguin update last year, there has been a debate going on among online marketers as to what is the right way forward with regard to promoting websites on the internet. Some say that because of Penguin’s clamp down on low quality links and web spam, old-skool link building is dead, and that content marketing is only way forward. Others say that content marketing is a red herring, and that traditional link building is still a viable strategy. Still others proclaim that a combination of the two is only way to go; this is my view.

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The Difference Between Jailbreaking and Rooting: iOS vs. Android

iphone jailbreakThe Difference Between Jailbreaking and Rooting: iOS vs. Android


Smartphone users that sign up with a mobile carrier soon realize that their contracts come with certain limitations. Manufacturers also place specific rules on smartphone warranties to prevent tampering, hacking, and altering the software. Smartphone users face restrictions on the applications and themes they can use on their devices. Some users have developed a method of breaking free from those limitations and granted access to the operating system of the smartphone. Many people assume that “jailbreaking” on an iPhone is the same as “rooting” on an Android, but there are distinct differences between these two concepts.

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving Windows 8

windows 8 tips and tricksTips and Tricks for Surviving Windows  8

You hear a whole lot of hype about Windows 8. People rave about how great it is and how Microsoft’s innovative touch devices can be easily integrated with this operating system. You want to jump into the action, thus you get your hands on a Windows 8 PC. When you do, you are in for a rude awakening because you do not expect what you see. Before you get discouraged and think of taking your computer back to the store, take note of the below tips and tricks that will help you survive Windows 8 and have an enjoyable user experience.

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How to Fix Common Internet Connection Problems

Fix Internet Connection Problems

If you have ever dealt with internet connection problems, you know they can be extremely frustrating to deal with. One minute you are smoothly surfing the web, and before you know it the internet stops working for seemingly no reason at all.

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Save Battery Life of Your Laptop and Gadgets

Batteries are essential to many of us; especially to those who uses mobile or portable gadgets, such as Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, Tablets, and Smart Phones (iPhone and Android).

If you often use WiFi or 3G to get online on your portable gadgets, most likely, you'll have to charge it everyday or maybe twice a day, depending on your usage. It is essential to learn how to save battery life of your laptop and other gadgets, especially the important ones you often use for personal, work, and travel.

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