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Best Apps for Watching TV on Your iPhone

TV apps iphoneBest Apps for Watching TV on Your iPhone

There are a number of things that you can do with your iPhone for fun, but why look further than one of the most popular forms of entertainment – TV. This wasn’t possible for long after phones became sophisticated enough for their hardware to support streaming, simply because of the matter of paying for the program you are getting, but today you can find a ton of handy apps that will allow you to enjoy a bit of TV on your mobile device. These are just some of the ones that we have enjoyed most. Naturally, you should remember, that regardless of how much you are paying for the subscription or the app itself, the greatest cost will probably come from your data plan, as streaming videos can use up your monthly limit in no time.

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Apple’s iOS7: See How Two Scottish Game Developers Reacted to it

Apple iOS 7Apple’s iOS7: See How Two Scottish Game Developers Reacted to it

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming, but not yet released operating system from Apple Inc, apple’s iOS7. Based on the features that come with this system, there are those that say it’s a complete revolution while others say that it’s just the ordinary stuff with a little upgrade.

Other developers including app developers will therefore have to update their software so as to comply with the guidelines of the new operating system. And since majority of phone users use third party apps, your experience with the apple’s iOS7 will depend on how good the developers do their work.  Apple has sought to improve many features of the new operating system (OS) but has concentrated on the following; airdrop, safari, siri, control center, gesture control, iTunes radio and music, camera, photo gallery, multitasking and iOS7 in the car features.

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Facts About iPhone Cases

iphone casesFacts About iPhone Cases

Whilst some brave individuals are leading the campaign to keep their iPhone ‘naked’ and without cases, this is not the most popular opinion. The iPhone is a beautifully engineered device, lovely to look at and to hold, but it is also very expensive and something upon which the vast majority of people are reliant for both business and social purposes. Protecting something so essential is only logical. After all, should the worst happen and the beloved iPhone suffer irreparable damage, the first question will always be “why didn’t it have a case?”


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The Difference Between Jailbreaking and Rooting: iOS vs. Android

iphone jailbreakThe Difference Between Jailbreaking and Rooting: iOS vs. Android


Smartphone users that sign up with a mobile carrier soon realize that their contracts come with certain limitations. Manufacturers also place specific rules on smartphone warranties to prevent tampering, hacking, and altering the software. Smartphone users face restrictions on the applications and themes they can use on their devices. Some users have developed a method of breaking free from those limitations and granted access to the operating system of the smartphone. Many people assume that “jailbreaking” on an iPhone is the same as “rooting” on an Android, but there are distinct differences between these two concepts.

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4 Sites To Buy Cheap iPhone Accessories

iphone 5 accessories

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4 Sites To Buy Cheap iPhone Accessories

We all know that the iPhone has become an extension of our arm, so needless to say it has to also look as good as everything else we are wearing. It is already a sleek looking tech gadget, but adding a bit of colour is always a lot of fun. Here is a list of five websites that have great iPhone accessories for very little money.

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Four Minor Irritations about the iPhone 4S

Iphone4sFour Minor Irritations about the iPhone 4S

There are a thousand reasons to love the iPhone4S, ranging from fast, and instant web access to a nifty camera which is available in a split second. Having said that, life isn’t all champagne and caviar in iPhone-world for many users, because there are a few minor irritations that, try as they might, they can’t seem to stop themselves fretting about. It may be churlish to criticise a gadget that has taken the world by storm in recent years, but nothing is ever going to be perfect, of course.

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