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How to Speed Up Wi-Fi Connection

Speed Up WiFi

speed up wifi

It is indisputable that the wireless network technology made a big impact in our lives today.

In this fast paced and high-tech generation, most people prefer to do things comfortably. The innovation of  Wi-Fi  (Wireless Fidelity) technology has made people lives easier.

With Wi-Fi network connection available on your portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, or Laptops, you can get connected to the Internet “On the Go”. It’s pretty obvious it has been a trend these days.

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Xbox LIVE - What are its components?

Xbox LIVE is an Internet-based service that provides many services and functions.

The following features and range of activities that you can enjoy with Xbox LIVE:

•    Create avatars.
•    Share photos.
•    Stream music.
•    Access social networking sites.
•    Game online with players in the same room or from around the world.
•    Watch movies or TV shows.
•    Browse marketplaces and make digital purchases.
•    Download new games and add-ons.
•    Host parties.
•    Audio and video chat with friends.

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Computer Network Topology

Computer Network Topology

The way how computers connect each other is called Topology of the network. The Computer Network Topology refers to how the physical arrangement of the network is organized and arranged. It is necessary to choose the exact topology depending on the purpose of the network that is to be setup.

Each computer network topology has its unique characteristic. To determine the appropriate topology, it is necessary to determine the functions, advantages, and disadvantages of each. These elements or factors are layout, expense of installation, type of cable used, and troubleshooting techniques. These will determine how the network will be set up and which is cost-effective.

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Windows 7 More Secure than Windows XP

A recent report directly from Microsoft reveals that their latest operating system Windows 7 is five times more secure than Windows XP.

For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s operating systems, it has been known and promoted that Windows XP has always been a secure system. It is way better than its successor, Windows Vista.  Microsoft claims that Windows 7 on 64 bit version is their most secure operating system. This more secure and virus-free experience is due to the “Kernel Patch Protection” system placed on it. Read more →

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