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Droid Translator: Skype's Worst Nightmare Comes True

Droid TranslatorDroid Translator: Skype's Worst Nightmare Comes True


Troubles came from the place no one expected. Ukraine. In about a month ago Aleksandr Konovalov, a 35-year-old programmer from Kyiv, Ukraine, has created a such-called Ukrainian Skype – an application for Android, which can become a very dangerous competitor to Skype and many other voice services. It's called Droid Translator, and it's main advantage is a simultaneous translation of all voice calls and video calls into 14 different languages!

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How do Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) work?

How do automatic identification systems work?

AISAutomatic Identification Systems (AIS)  are a fascinating invention. The technology, usually referred to simply as AIS, is often found on ships. It's a type of radar used for tracking ships and vessel traffic systems at sea.

AIS broadcasts vital information about the ship carrying it, in order to improve the safety of everyone out at sea. The technology makes other AIS users aware of a ship's position.

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Cellular Repair School: How it helps in saving money?

Cellular Repair School: how it helps in saving money

With the different offers availing in the market on each kind of product, the mobile companies are also offering different offers for attracting the customers. Many of the companies provide different goodies with every handset’s purchase or some kind of discounts on the rates but now days many companies also offer extended warranty on any type of damage in the cellular phones.

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Buy CD & DVD Burning Software Online

Buy CD & DVD Burning Software Online

DVD burning has created their own actual standard for a number of computer tasks which we execute daily. Most of user back up their important data and put it on a safe location. These days PCs and Macs are set with at least one optical drive which can be used for both accessing and saving data on removable disks like CD or DVD. Without CD or DVD it’s hard to keep the user’s data secure.

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CCEnhancer - A CC Cleaner Enhancer Add-On

If you are a tech savy who have been using Piriform's CC Cleaner software program to clean up your computer's unwanted files and registry, you will probably would like to try CCEnhancer.

CC Enhancer is a small tool is an add-on support for over 500 new programs for CCleaner.

This tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs.

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Empires and Allies Game Bot Download

Empires and Allies Game Bot

Finally, someone with a great mind created an Empires and Allies game bot for new Zynga Game Empires and Allies! It pretty works the same as CityVille bot and others.

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