Sony Launching Their First Android Tablet PC

Sony First Android Tablet PC

It was rumored in February this year and now it is a reality! Sony will launch its first tablet PC to compete with the growing tablet market which is currently dominated by Apple.

This new Sony gadget will have an Android 3.0 operating system and users will have the capability to play PlayStation games. Sony called its first two models "s1" and "s2". The s1 will be a 9.4 inch tablet that looks like a folded over magazine or book with round gripping point making it more portable.

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Facebook Addiction: Are you a Facebook Addict?

Are you a Facebook Addict?

If you are fond of social networking【あす楽】Air fit EX(消臭機能付)シングルマットレス 体重40kg以上用 腰、背中を優しく受け止め 寝たきりの方、不眠、快眠に 優しいクッション性と高通気性, you can never miss having your own Facebook accountA4 濱野 バッグ 濱野皮革工芸 メリー トートバッグ ラージ 濱野皮革 バッグ 本革 レザー トートバッグ 通学 レディース 日本製. Believe it or notオリジナル箸木地見せのお箸 1版 200膳【イベントのノベルティ/オリジナルグッズ/記念品/入学/入園/卒業/卒園/お土産に】, people of all sort of ages got Facebook! From the youngest to the oldest!

Whether it’s for communicating with friends and colleaguesモトユキ チップソー (薄物 アルミ・非鉄金属用) GB-455-120, online gamesエスエスケイ マシンローター SSK-MAPT51, or online marketing絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 クロード・モネ ジヴェルニー近くのひなげし畑 F20サイズ F20号 727x606mm 絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵, everybody is on this hot social networking websiteカントリー調 無公害塗料 ダイニング 北欧 アンティーク 無垢材 オスモオイルパイン材 カフェ ダイニングテーブル 食卓テーブル【SALE】【%OFF】OSMO COLOR アイロスジャパン AIRO. Of course【フェイスタオル ブルー (IH1216BL) ※セット販売(60点入)】2017年 景品・記念品[返品・交換・キャンセル不可], being attached to this kind of website online can be considered an addictionコマツ: PC20MR-1.-2.-3/PC20MRX/PC20UU-3.-5ゴムクローラー2本セット.  Now【和鉢e-チェーフィング(黒漆スタンド+和鉢35cm)粉引唐草 PS-15708】 幅370×奥行370×高さ165(mm)【業務用】【グループA】, let me ask you a question.

Are you a Facebook addict then?

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FGS - A Friend to Zyngya Gamers

FGS -Friendly Game Simplifier

Are you one of those Facebook addicts who plays Zynga games like Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville and other games? Are you too lazy or don't have time to accept all those Facebook game requests?

If your answer is yes, then FGS is for you.

FGS (Friendly Gaming Simplifier) is a free add-on or extension for your Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

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WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android

Who doesn't like portability and being "on the go" these days? I think almost everybody including myself.

While browsing through some good apps on my Android phone, I came across WordPress for Android. This app really interests me because I've just been back active blogging and writing through WordPress.

So, I just downloaded WordPress for Android and it is very cool! It lets me posts entries for my blog site wherever I am - that includes the comfort of my bed 🙂

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