Samsung’s 5G Network Tests

Samsung 5G networks
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Samsung 5G networks
Samsung 5G networks

Samsung’s 5G Network Tests

The tech giant Samsung are claiming that its new technology could offer never seen before access to ultra-high speed networks operating at 100 times current speeds and offering regular gigabit access. This is even despite the fact that many major countries including the UK and China have yet to complete their 4G mobile phone network rollout.

Samsung said that it had tested a new transceiver capable of sending and receiving data speeds at more than 1,000 megabits per second. That compares with 4G services that have only just come into the UK and average at 8-12 megabits per second which is still faster than 3G services that have been used since 2003.

Transmission speeds like that would mean that an entire 640MB CD would download in five seconds, or a standard 4GB DVD in half a minute. At speeds such as these users can have real time streaming of ultra-high definition video, 3D movies plus games.

However you shouldn’t be worrying about your phone becoming obsolete just yet seen as Samsung is still only in the research and development stage and doesn’t actually plan to make its new 5G technology available to carriers until the year 2020 which gives you a good seven years to change phones and for technology to advance, no doubt that it will. However we can only hope that network carriers adjust the data caps to contracts by then considering that someone could in theory use up an entire data allowance in a second.

Samsung 5G network
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An earlier project carried out by Professor Rahim Tafazolli who heads up the University Of Surrey’s 5G research efforts and had a hefty price tag of around £35m and was part funded by Samsung.

Samsung has had big successes including developing the world’s first adaptive array transceiver. Which is an innovation that allows part of the super high frequency Ka band of the radio spectrum at 28GHz to be used for cellular data transmission.


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