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Content Marketing or Link Building?

SEO Content MarketingContent Marketing or Link Building?

Ever since the roll-out of the Google Penguin update last year, there has been a debate going on among online marketers as to what is the right way forward with regard to promoting websites on the internet. Some say that because of Penguin’s clamp down on low quality links and web spam, old-skool link building is dead, and that content marketing is only way forward. Others say that content marketing is a red herring, and that traditional link building is still a viable strategy. Still others proclaim that a combination of the two is only way to go; this is my view.

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Most Effective Types of Content Marketing

 Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a vastly broad term, encompassing many ways of getting a brand name or message out. It can cover many things, from blogs to podcast and everything in between.

So what, then, are the most popular forms of content marketing and which prove to be the most effective?

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