Take a Grip of the Game with the Best Game Card

online video games nintendo ds
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online video games nintendo ds
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Take a Grip of the Game with the Best Game Card

The Nintendo DS game console was released in the 2004 and the gaming industry was never the same again.  The device broke market barrier as it was the first console manufactured by Nintendo that launched in North America. The DS stands for Dual Screen. The Nintendo DS models are the highest selling handheld game console of all time and the second highest selling among all types of consoles. Along with the original DS model there are other models like DS lite, the DSi and the latest 3DS model that supports 3D gaming.

Though there are many great features of the DS console, some drawbacks are also there. Console is not sold with any rewritable storage medium. Users will have to use flash cards if they want better storage capacity and enhanced features.  Among many type of flash devices the R4DS (Revolution for DS) cards hold a special place. They are simply popular as r4 cards.   They were launched shortly after the release of the DS console and have since spawned several versions such as the new and improved r4i card.

The r4 card though primarily is a storage device,  can be used for a plethora of functions like playing both official and homebrew  games,  watching videos and movies, playing music, reading e-books etc.

If you are wondering why the r4 is so special, then there are plenty of reasons to justify it. The biggest reason is the r4 card is small yet powerful. The flash card contains a tiny slot where a micro SD memory card is inserted. This memory card provides storage space for all the gaming data and other multimedia files.  When you start the console, you will be asked to choose between playing games and using multimedia. You can insert a memory with up to 32 GB space.

The r4 card itself contains the important firmware that connects the console with the memory card. These flash cards are very easy to handle.  Therefore every average gamer can install and use it. Originally the memory card was inserted using a spring mechanism which had a tendency of malfunctioning after a while. It has since been replaced by a simple but effective push system. To insert the micro SD card in place just give a delicate push. It is also easy to take the card out of the slot. Since coming out, this card has sold in huge numbers across Europe and Asia and also to some extent in North America.

For every gamer who is using a Nintendo DS console, the r4 card is imperative in order to experience superior gaming and multimedia functions. From casual gamers to game addicts who live and breathe games, everyone can and should invest in theses card devices. The best thing about the r4 model of cards is that they are not at all expensive at all and are easily available. But improved versions like the r4i card are there in the market. By one today and enjoy gaming.

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