10 Best Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Contact form plugins WordPress

Contact form plugins WordPress10 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Site

What type of contact form do you have on your WordPress blog’s Contact Us page to help readers reach you conveniently? How do you tell whether you are being contacted by a genuine user or some spam website? Contact forms make it easier for users to get in touch with webmasters without having to search for email addresses or phone numbers. Users only need to fill a simple form and write their message.

Conduct forms ensure that you don’t have to deal with spam emails with malware laden attachments; you can set any number of restrictions you like with the contact form to ensure that online genuine users are able to post messages. As a WordPress user, there are dozens of contact from plugins you can use to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer simple or stylish, you will find one for your needs.

Here is a list of the 10 best WordPress contact form plugins that will work with your WordPress site:

1. Form Engine

This is a WordPress plugin that lets you create, manage and analyze forms on your website. This plugin offers simple features like drag and drop that make the form filling process a breeze for your users. It also offers stats on how frequently your contact form is used. You can choose to embed the form or make it pop up on every page. Form Engine also offers spam protection through CAPTCHA and Validation

2. Contact form 7

In spite of its simplicity, contact form 7 is one of the most popular and famous WordPress plugin used to m maintain conduct forms in websites. The plugin allows you to create and manage multiple contact forms for use in different parts of the same website. Its form submission system is powered by Ajax and it offers great spam protection.

3. Ether Forms Builder

Ether Forms Builder is a WordPress plugin aimed at helping you create more complicated contact forms with ease. Your process is very easy thanks to the drag and drop feature.

Other features include:

*Responsive design

*No technical or programming knowledge need

*Short codes

4. Ultimate Contact Page

This premium plugin has everything you need to create any kind of contact page on your WordPress blog. It adheres to schema.org standards, offers mail integration and spam protection via reCaptcha among many other features.

5. Fast Secure Contact Form

This conduct form is very popular as it is considered to be highly customizable. The plugin provides a few simple layout forms but does not come with any templates. The form provides features such the ability for visitors to send meeting requests for phone conversations. This makes Fast Secure Form the ideal contact form plugin for businesses offering services that can be sold or booked online or via telephone.

6. Jetpack Contact Form

This is one of the oldest WordPress contact form plugins in the marketplace but it has evolved to keep up with the latest market preferences to remain high in the popularity stakes. It allows you to create multiple contact forms, each form can even be set to have a separate recipient list. Jetpack is protected by Akismet so you won’t have to deal with spam.

7. Custom Contact Form

This plugin packs pretty much all the features. Some of the features that stand out are:

*Exporting submissions to CSV

*Custom HTML forms – web developers can write their own form html and install Custom Contact Form plugin to process their form requests.

* Use style manager to create your own custom styles. You can change font sizes, border, margins, backgrounds, padding, etc.

8. Slick Contact Forms

This is a free plugin that you can use to display your contact forms in a variety of styles including using a sliding tab, drop down menu buttons and floating forms. The forms are a little limited in that you can only insert a maximum of 3 text fields and a single text area, but this should suffice for most websites.

9. Contact form

This plugin is among the oldest on the market and remains one of the simplest to use. It offers unique features such as the ability to attach files when sending messages.

10. Visual form builder

This was created to allow you to build classy forms without using CSS, PHP, or HTML. It also comes with a logic based spam protection system. It allows you to manage form entries from your dashboard, automatically saves them in the database before exporting them as CSV files when needed.


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