What Can You Use Your 64GB Micro SD for?

What Can You Use Your 64GB Micro SD for?

Recently mobile memory cards have become a popular commodity for mobile phones but what are these mini memory cards and why would you need to by one?

Well memory cards such as the 64gb micro sd can be a great way to make your phone more of a necessity than an electronic device. This is because a memory card can transform your phone from being just a way to communicate with people to an mp3 player with all your favourite tunes, a TV with all your favourite videos and films, a work file with all your important data from the office as well as place to keep all your favourite memories with lots of space for photos.

The main reason people don’t use their phones like this today already is that even when they have the capability for all these functions on their phone often it is the memory space that lets them down. Most people prioritise as to how they want to use their phone so if they really like to listen to music on the busy commute to work then they will save the space on their phone for that rather than using it for work or for camera photos too.

With a larger 64gb micro sd card then you can do all these things at once. Obviously you need to have the mobile phone that allows you to do this and it needs to have compatibility with an sd card. However if 32gb can get you up to 7,000 songs or up to 10 hours of HD video imagine how much more you can get with a larger memory stick and with memory cards becoming so popular the prices have never been lower so it’s a great time to get one.

People spend 100s of pounds upgrading to the latest new Android phone or iPhone but what they don’t realise is that by spending a little more on a memory card you could actually get more freedom and use out of your old phone. These memory cards often have longer warranties than mobile phones as well as being less susceptible to breaking and malfunction.

What’s great is that they also have compatibility with computers so you can take all the information you already have existing and transfer it so it’s ready on the go. For example, most people have already stacked up a large amount of albums and songs on their computers so with your sd card you can quickly transfer and listen to it with your headphones.

These sd cards are much lighter than any computer hard drive and can be bought easily online or in most mobile and electronic stores. Mobile phone memory cards are often not given as much credit as they deserve because the ones that often come for free with your phone have a smaller amount of storage space. However they shouldn’t be disregarded it’s a cheap way of making the most out of your mobile phone!


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