The Advantages of E-Signatures in the Cloud


E-Signatures or Electronic signatures are becoming a common tool that companies use in daily business operations. You used to have to purchase e-signature software created especially for your use and integrated into your system and all of your processes.

For small, growing companies this expensive custom software is impractical and too costly.

Now, there are software providers who offer cloud-based services that provide all of the same advantages, without the cost and integration requirements.

Regardless of which e-signature software provider you use, there are clear advantages to using the cloud for your document signature needs.


Advantage 1: Reduced Cost

One obvious advantage is you can cut costs. The use of e-signatures will allow you to forgo the use of paper. Therefore, you can divert the cost that you need for paper and related supplies to other business necessities. The absence of using paper, printers, and ink helps you save money.

Advantage 2: Better Accessibility To Your Data

Some cloud storage services securely store your company’s e-signatures, documents, e-signature backup files, and other important data in the cloud. This makes it easier for you to access all your data and files anywhere, any time.

You can even check your documents while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a flight … all you need is your cellphone or laptop. This keeps you from worrying about any errors or uncertainty that might arise if you use paper, because now you can check them yourself.

With just an Internet connection, you can sign any document on your mobile device. As a result, you and your customers can sign business deals on the spot, contributing to your company’s growth.

Advantage 3: Less Risk

Using cloud-based e-signature software reduces risks and increases efficiency in your business dealings. Since signing an electronic signature can be very quick, the tedious processes of getting a contract signed are reduced. This decreases the odds of your deal being rejected or delayed by your prospective client, since the processes involved are much simpler and convenient. Besides that, you can speed up transaction time and simultaneously increase your efficiency.

There’s no doubt that e-signatures are more advantageous than dealing with paper. They are less costly, more efficient, and less risky. You cannot, however, totally eliminate all risks in business. Therefore, caution is always necessary. Do research before you select an e-signature solution, and make an educated decision.

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