Adventure World Game Bot Free Download

Adventure World Game Bot

Adventure World is one of the newest games from Zynga! The game is about exploration along with puzzle-solving elements. There are several maps that you have to uncover and discover relics.

Moreover, as you progress the game, you can equip your character with classic items such as a whip. So, go on and explore exotic locations around the world with your friends.

But wait! There is a better way to play the game than doing it manually. For those people who love the game but don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer, there is a bot that can help you play the game even better.

The Adventure World Game Bot is a small program that allows you to play the game effectively. The bot is very easy to use and absolutely free.

The features of Adventure World Game Bot include:

1. Collect well, farms, fuel
2. Collect boats and start contracts
3. Help neighbors
4. Accept help from neighbors

Adventure World Game Bot
Adventure World Game Bot Screen Shot

Moreover, the bot is functional based on plugins. If you want, then you can create your own plugin.

The Adventure World Game Bot can surely make your Adventure World more exciting and hassle-free. So, put on your exploration suit and gears and make the first step in exploring the world.

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