Android Features: Pros and Cons

pros and cons android

pros and cons android Android Features: Pros and Cons

If we start comparing iOS and Android then you will come to know that people are now inclining more towards android only because it can do things which others can’t do.  There are many attractive apps of Android that you will not easily find on Apple-clad brethren.

The apps of Android don’t hold anything back in the list like jail breaking, routing, editing system and many more. Android left it out if there was app related to the iPhone. So, while away at that place, there are very much vast things concerning Android that don’t come out of the box on the iPhone like free navigation turn-by-turn or tear down presentments, there are however directions to get those features on the iPhone.

Android is hopefully a software bunch for cellular phone devices that comprise of an operating system, computer software and key application program. In 2005, Google Inc. bought the preliminary developer of the software Android Inc. The operating system of Android’s mobile is based on the UNIX operating system kernel. Google and other appendages co-operated on Android’s development of Open Handset Alliance and released it. The AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is tasked with the upholding and further growth of Android. Android was numbered as the popular Smartphone platform world- and here below are the detail advantages and disadvantages of Android

Advantages of Android:

The most boastful rewards of Android are a complimentary and release platform.  The manufacturers are in large numbers who can design a variety of software program which can be loaded on the Android system.

The display system of Android can be tainted to vertical or horizontal thus making it more comfortable for the consumer in detecting a satisfactory picture of his own desire.

You can download and install several free programs for Android if you have a phone with Android systematically. You can assure yourself in the Android Marketplace through practical applications based on Android, Google Chrome which allows you to open as many windows as you want at one time.

There are many Android applications which have been reached 250,000 applications for Android until April 2011. With the accompaniment of many application programs, the user can modify the display of screen.

Moreover, if you want to share Internet then Android phones can also function as a router.

Disadvantages of Android:

As mentioned above the Android is based on Linux based system so if a person wants to modify Android then he must be familiar with the commands of the Linux System and need to log on as an administrator.

Each phone of android has a different way and it is not only about the installation of Program. The compatibility lack of all users of Android phones obliges to learn again if Android phones to replace with other brands.

An Android phone has different ways to even show the recovery mode.

So finally, if you want to fiddle with the phone, then go for some other phone but not android.


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