Apple’s iOS7: See How Two Scottish Game Developers Reacted to it

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7Apple’s iOS7: See How Two Scottish Game Developers Reacted to it

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming, but not yet released operating system from Apple Inc, apple’s iOS7. Based on the features that come with this system, there are those that say it’s a complete revolution while others say that it’s just the ordinary stuff with a little upgrade.

Other developers including app developers will therefore have to update their software so as to comply with the guidelines of the new operating system. And since majority of phone users use third party apps, your experience with the apple’s iOS7 will depend on how good the developers do their work.  Apple has sought to improve many features of the new operating system (OS) but has concentrated on the following; airdrop, safari, siri, control center, gesture control, iTunes radio and music, camera, photo gallery, multitasking and iOS7 in the car features.

Yes the public have a role to play, but it is the developers who have even the biggest role to ensuring the success of iOS7. I say this because it is the developers that have to assess their files to know if there is a need for any alterations or additions to their programs  that are planned to be made for the Apple devices. When two Scottish game developers were asked for their input regarding the new OS, they had very interesting reviews about the same.

What is impact does the new OS have on your plans and upcoming projects?  The question asked to the owner of Claymore games. He categorically replied that the iOS7 would not have any impact on his company’s portfolio.  To corroborate his statement, he said that the way that his company worked and run and any of the projects that they are undertaking will certainly not be affected in whichever manner by the additional or latest features that have been incorporated to the successor of iOS6. This would mean the claymore games had already prepared for such an invention in one way or the other.

Apple iOS 7


Based on the game control features of iOS7, challenges and accomplishments gained in the game can be put forward to the leader boards. If you are a keen follower of claymore games updates, you will realize that they had already introduced this feature in their games even before the announcement of the new OS.  Apple Inc made a statement on the subject of instructions to third party controller manufactures. This was very good news to some developers but for claymore games, there was nothing good about it because they had before then integrated  some controllers in their development phase including joy pads, thus the game players would enjoy games from claymore company on i-phones, i-pads and other i-devices.

On the other hand, one thumb mobile was clearly ecstatic about the new OS by Apple mainly because of the integrated joypad. The owner of one thumb mobile, which by the way is behind the game 3D MMO Celtic heroes says that the there is hope for a better reception towards that game now that the controllers will available with Apple devices. Furthermore, the joy pad issue will gain more interest of the hardcore gamers hence drawing them more to such games that are in the making, thereby expanding their market.


The founder of this game company is sharp to notice that there is an advantage and disadvantage of the automatic update option that comes with the iOS7. For the pros side, updating the games robotically will make it straight-forward for the players by decreasing wait time and increasing adoption to newer versions. The cons being that since the process will now be automatic; the gamers will not be in a position to know when the updates are being released and if there are any new features being offered. The founder of one thumb mobile however insists that it is important that the players be notified when the updates are happening as a measure to maintain customer satisfaction.

Based on the reactions of the two Scottish game developers, it is critical that any developer first analyses what exactly they need in their current applications and then look at the new iOS7. It is only then that they will be able to determine the impact of the OS on their company plans and projects.



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