Four Must-Have Apps for Frequent Flyers

Must-Have Apps for Frequent Flyers

‘Tis the season for crowded airports, long lines and agitated travelers but that doesn’t mean you have to become one of them. Thanks to the wide world of smart phone applications you can keep calm, and dare I say, even enjoy your next flying experience.

Worldmate – FREE

If you’re no stranger to air travel than Worldmate will be just that – your best mate. This travel itinerary app not only keeps track of all of your flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, and meetings but also serves as your own personal travel assistant. With the app you can check the status of your flight and access flight schedules. Worldmate also allows you to search and book hotels, get maps and directions, search local weather and businesses, and make limo reservations. For you international travelers out there, the app also features a global tipping guide and currency converter.

eSkyGuide – $4.99

Flights get cancelled and delayed; it’s the nature of air travel. But with eSkyGuide you have a secret weapon to help make such occurrences far less of a hassle. The app features global flight schedules for most flights worldwide, even those that are sold out. It will even generate the most efficient flight options and itinerary for your given travel plans. In addition to providing you with updates on your flight’s status, gate and baggage claim information, eSkyGuide can also give you airport weather updates as well as directions to and from the airport.

Gate Guru – FREE

If you do find yourself with some extra time to kill at the airport, GateGuru can help you make the most of your extra time. This searchable airport directory app can help you discover all the airport has to offer from dining options, to shopping and services without aimlessly dragging your heavy luggage around the terminal. The app even features a community component in which you can review or upload photos or see what other travelers had to say about your airport’s options.
Kayak – FREE

When it comes to booking flights, hotels or rental cars from a mobile device, Kayak is the way to go. This free app is highly recommended among the travel community for its easy and helpful features. The app allows you to search through hundreds of options to find the best deals on whatever it is you’re trying to book. Additionally, Kayak also provides users with a flight tracker, packing list generator and even a currency converter for those international flyers.

iTranslate – FREE

iTranslate is a handy tool for anyone flying internationally. The app features translation dictionaries for over 50 languages along with audio pronunciation of each word. You can easily email, tweet or text translations with the app’s easy copy and share function but perhaps the most useful feature of iTranslate is its voice recognition feature. Simply speak into the phone and your translation comes right back to you. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Or should I say, uno, due, tre?


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