Are 3D TVs Worth the Upgrade?

When new technology first becomes available to buyers, it always generates a lot of hype. Lately, there has been quite a bit of buzz about 3D TVs. Being relatively new to the market, these TV’s are intriguing and sound exciting to own, but are they worth it?

Let’s find out.

Before you decide to purchase a 3D TV there are some things you need to consider:


Like all technology, the price of 3D TVs has already dropped since the concept first hit the market, but they will still cost you a pretty penny. According to Best Buy’s website, a 60″ Samsung 3D-ready Smart HDTV will cost you about $3800 (before tax), while the same TV without 3D capabilities runs around $2800. Is the extra $1000 worth it? The decision is much like the decision between the premium options in any other market. Think of the price of the cheapest car insurance cost on the market or the cheapest cruise line choice. The basic package will get you the essentials, but the premium option will be a lot more money for a few more perks. Let’s look at the perks of 3D.

2) 3D Blu-ray player

Before you can watch 3D movies on your new TV, you will need a 3D video source. A 3D Blu-ray player costs anywhere from $100-$300. A Samsung 3D Wi-Fi built in Blu-ray player cost about $240 according to Best Buy.

3) Glasses

To me, this is the big one. To view the TV in 3D, you must be wearing 3D glasses. These aren’t the paper or plastic 3D glasses that you wear when seeing a 3D movie in theaters. These glasses can cost anywhere from $80 to $300 a pair (or even more) depending on brand name and quality. They can be either battery operated or rechargeable. You will need more than one pair depending on the size of your household or the number of people you plan on viewing the TV with. Many people find the glasses bothersome or uncomfortable. 0f course, some glasses are more comfortable than others, and naturally the most comfortable ones are the most expensive.

4) Content

Not everything is available in 3D. While more and more movies are becoming available on Blu-ray 3D, you’re options are still limited. Some TV providers may offer pay-per-view movies in 3D or even make a small selection of channels available in 3D.
Future of 3D television

With technology constantly improving, is purchasing the current 3D TVs worth it? Toshiba has released its glasses-free TV in Germany and Japan, and it should be available in the US sometime in 2012. This TV costs almost $10000 overseas, but no price has been set in the US. Another thing to take into consideration is if the price of current available 3D televisions will continue to significantly drop. It is a known fact that the longer you can hold out on purchasing new technology, the better deal you get. Is it worth purchasing the TV this year, if it will be even cheaper next?

Should you buy it now?

Is the cost of the TV worth the benefit you will get from it? How often would you actually use the 3D function of your TV? Do you consider 3D movies to be that much more entertaining than 2D ones? Like anything else, if you aren’t sure that you will get a significant amount of use or satisfaction from this product, you probably should not purchase it. On the other hand, if you believe that having  3D TVs are worth all of the costs, you don’t mind spending money on technology that may soon be improved upon, and you have a few extra thousand dollars laying around, then maybe a 3D TV is for you.

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