5 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

Apps for Business Travelers

Apps for Business Travelers5 Best Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

Undoubtedly, the advent of technology has changed the way modern man lives – even the way he travels. Nowadays, booking hotel rooms, organizing itineraries and searching for flights can be done using slick mobile applications. While there are numerous travel gadgets that can enhance your vacation, it is reassuring to know there are also lots of helpful travel apps that can help delight even the most demanding of business travelers.

Enumerated below are 5 of the most beneficial trip apps every travelling entrepreneur needs.


Thanks to Skype, massive mobile phone bills have become a thing of the past.
Nowadays, even if you travel outside of the US, you can look forward to easily keeping in touch without having to spend too much. In a nutshell, this popular mobile app works by allowing users to make affordable calls using the internet.In other words, you are spared from paying the exorbitant per-minute international plans most mobile providers charge.

What’s more, as long as you have a trusted Wi-Fi connection available, you can call cell phones or landlines for just pennies. You can also call other Skype users/customers for free.

Apps for Business TravelersRoomer

Because of Roomer, getting a room at the last minute has never been easier. Available for Android and iOS, this helpful application allows users to pay and sell room accommodations even at the last minute. That means, if anything important comes up at the last minute, you have the option to sell your reserved room to someone else.

In the same manner, if you wish to purchase a prepaid hotel reservation from another user, all you need to do is visit the Roomer website and you are good to go.


To make your business trip as productive and organized as possible, you need all the help you can get. Fortunately, with TripIt, you are getting much of the valuable help you need.With its ability to organize hotels, airlines, and even bus details in a single travel itinerary, you never have to worry about missing your flight or not knowing where to go next.

Apart from giving you an option to view your itinerary on your computer or your phone, (whichever is accessible and convenient) you can also easily share trip details with co-workers, friends and family members.

The Weather Channel

Why miss out on your favorite weather broadcast when you can easily have access to it even when you travel? This savvy app works by providing users with all they need to know about the current weather condition, from the 10-day forecasts, UV indexes, boating conditions, down to even the hourly forecasts.
In addition, apart from the fact that it’s easy to navigate, you will also enjoy its customizable weather alerts.


What is the best way to explore a city you have never been to? Nowadays, using a clever app like AroundMe is deemed ideal. Graphic-oriented and meticulously designed, this application can provide you with several options when looking for movie theaters, banks and coffee shops. In addition, apart from pinpointing the option on maps, the app also gives you access to detailed reviews and information. Nowadays, there is no shortage of apps available that will make life a lot easier and more organized. From travelling down to creating a condition report for your rental property, (thanks to technology) there is an app readily available at your disposal.

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