Best iPad Apps for College Students

iPad Apps for College Students

The iPad or iPhone is usually known to be a college student’s best buddy. This gadget is very convenient to use, not to mention also affordable iPad apps for college students like you.

No wonder it sold over half a million units when it was introduced in the market. From having down time in between classes, to being able to use it for a study aid, it can come in handy no matter what time or what situation you’re in.

ipad for College students

So what are the best iPad apps for college students? Continue reading below to find out.

1. iBooks. If you want to save money and at the same time save yourself from the burden of carrying heavy books to school, why not try iBooks? The good thing about this iPad app is that it comes for free! Students like you can have instant access to various electronic books from science to math to language and literature. You can even read textbooks and other school-related references with the eBook Library. They may not have every single book you need, but hey, if they have one or two that could be hundreds of dollars saved right there.

2. iPad Web Browser. This is a built-in application that allows college students to browse various educational websites. If you have a research going on or homework to do, this app will come in very handy. You’d be able to check out news pages as well as a variety of educational materials online. Like iBooks, you would be able to save money as well as time since you no longer have to check out the library for references. Very convenient, right?
This is also great because you can search the web when you’re bored. How does some Facebook searching or even browsing your interests sound when you’re bored?
3. College life isn’t complete without a dictionary to help you out. With, you would be able to get access to more than one million words and word meanings right at your fingertips! This is a very useful app for enriching your grammar and vocabulary. Not to mention, when you’re reading that book and not fully understanding it, this app will clear up the confusion in just a minute or two.

4. iStudiezPro. This app isn’t for free but it’s definitely worth the money you spend. This app will help you organize your schedule so that you can be updates of your tasks, projects, and social gatherings in college. If you don’t want to forget deadlines, examination schedules, and appointments, this app is perfect for you.

5. Pages and Numbers. This app comes with a word processor as well as a spreadsheet program for your iPad. Using this app, you can easily take down notes, even edit your homework and research paper, create spreadsheet documents, and more. With Pages, you can also import and export documents from MS Word and Mac, as well as export documents in PDF format.

These are some of the best iPad apps for college students. Try to check them out so that college life can be even easier for you. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this great technology today?


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