Small Business Web Design Mistakes

Small Business Web Design Mistakes. I all too often find small businesses that have taken the time to purchase a website design for the goal of selling their products and services, only to discover that they’ve made the common mistakes which are prevalent in small business web design.

For starters, I often find homepages that do not have any key words in the page titles.  Usually they’ll have the business name included, but no keywords such as the market type or locations served.  From a search engine listing perspective, this is extremely weak.  Web page titles can make a major improvement to where a website shows up in the search engines, particularly if the market niche is very modest with few competitors.  A decent web designer should recognize that ‘buyer keywords’ really should be included in the page titles.

Next the headline on the home page is quite general and once again lacking keywords.  Just how often does one find ‘welcome to our site’ or ‘welcome to business name’.  The headlines should be used to prominently display the business’s USP () or at least include some key phrases again.  In simple terms, the head line must tell the visitor why they need to use that company and not a competitor’s  or be used to help the site’s ranking.

Usually the homepage is centered on the company, it’s merchandise and the business owners.  What it ought to be about is precisely what is being offered to the prospect.  It should be composed in terms of the benefits being offered to the visitor and not with regards to features.  Benefits will invariably outsell features.

Lastly hardly ever do I encounter small company web sites which obtain contact information from their site visitors.  Building a subscriber list of prospects is a valuable part of online marketing for businesses of all sizes.  Typically a very tiny number of web site visitors buy on their first visit to a website, and often they never return again.   A primary aim of any business oriented site must be to grab the contact information of guests so they can be advertised to later on through e-mail.

So if you’re having a web site made for your company, you need to pick a business like Affordable Web Design which is well-versed in the issues above and who is able to develop you a website that does its intended job!

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