8 Awesome Cloud Computing Apps for iPad

8 Awesome Cloud Computing Apps for iPad

Today’s iPad users have so many options for iPad apps that offer access to “the Cloud” that most users must be on Cloud Nine! And what’s even better than this huge selection is that many of the most helpful apps are absolutely free! Here are eight totally awesome cloud computing apps that will make iPad aficionados glad they own one:

Free iPad Apps

TweetDeck for iPad (Free)

Tweetdeck for Ipad

TweetDeck is the app of all apps for the dedicated Twitter-holic. In fact, the TweetDeck app is more intuitive to use, provides more features, and offers a better overall user experience than the Twitter website itself. So, if you love Twitter and haven’t tried this app yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out. It lends itself well to the iPad’s display and integrates well with its functionality. You can use the app with the iPad screen held in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, with each offering a somewhat different Twitter experience. A bit of experimentation will help you decide which works best for you.

DropBox for iPad (Free)

Synchronizing all your online files is easy with DropBox for iPad. In this app, all your data files and folders are stored in alphabetical order, making them easy to find later. Save to sub-folders and upload multiple files at one time. This app will even let you access your files while you’re not online. Marking a file as a “Favorite” will let you view it later, even when you don’t have access to the cloud. This makes it especially convenient for those who must handle business while traveling or commuting. If you need a hub for all your files—and especially if you often need access while on the go—DropBox for iPad is your app of choice.

Readability for iPad (Free)

Readability makes it easy to read while on the go, letting you access web pages online or archive them for later offline reading. The app offers two options: “Read Now” and “Read Later.” When you select “Read Now,” you’ll enjoy a clean, uncluttered version of the web page that’s free from ads and other distractions (i.e. black text against an expansive white background). When you choose “Read Later,” your content is archived for later access. If you enjoy reading and bookmarking content on your iPad, you’ll love Readability for iPad.

Flipboard for iPad (Free)

While Flipboard doesn’t offer an offline reading option (unless you use an outside service), the app offers some great features for finding and engaging with online content. From news stories to social network updates, this app offers an excellent format for reading the things that interest you online. If you spend most of your time with your head “in the cloud,” this app is an excellent option for you, since it uses a sophisticated magazine-style format that taps the best of digital technology to create a truly rich online reading experience, complete with images and video, for your enjoyment.

Zite for iPad (Free)

Zite is an online reading app that enhances your experience by finding and displaying articles related to your interests, rather than simply displaying the stories published in your RSS feed. By basing the content it displays on the way you’ve interacted with content on your social media sites, Zite offers a more personalized reading experience than other, similar apps. For iPad users who love discovering new websites and new content that’s targeted to their interests, Zite may just be the app of your dreams! And it won’t cost you much ($0) to find out!

Pocket for iPad (Free)

This lightweight iPad app makes it easy for those who can’t live without the internet to take intriguing web content and put it in their “Pocket” so they can keep it with them to help ease their withdrawals the next time they find themselves far away from an internet connection. A charming app, Pocket offers a clean, attractive, uncluttered interface that lets you watch video online (but not offline). The app syncs content across platforms but the syncing process is slow. A great choice for web junkies who want a free reading app that aces video while serving up a slick-looking interface.

Paid iPad Apps

Instapaper for iPad 

Instapaper offers various methods for bookmarking online content for later reading. The latest version (4.2.2) lets you sign up for an account from right inside the app, which earlier versions didn’t (an issue many users had with the app). The $4.99 app lets you read your stored content either in or out of the cloud, making it convenient for those whose lifestyles are unpredictable enough to keep them guessing about when they’ll be near an internet connection next. Rich social sharing options also make this app a winner!


Bento 4 for iPad

This $9.99 app ($4.99 for a limited time) will help you get your life or business organized in a flash. By making it a snap for even the uninitiated to create beautiful databases very quickly through the use of ready-made templates and other helpful features, Bento 4 helps you get a handle on your contacts, products, and other informational listings. The app also offers voice recording for those important memos. Bento 4’s classy interface and intuitive layout make it an excellent choice for the executive—or the person who thinks like one.

Check out these eight excellentcloud computing apps for iPad that will make all your online—and sometimes even your off-line—activities quicker, easier, and a lot more fun!

Guest post contributed by Jane Spencer, a freelance mobile technology writer who currently writes for a popular sim only provider.