Computer Network Topology

Computer Network Topology

The way how computers connect each other is called Topology of the network. The Computer Network Topology refers to how the physical arrangement of the network is organized and arranged. It is necessary to choose the exact topology depending on the purpose of the network that is to be setup.

Each computer network topology has its unique characteristic. To determine the appropriate topology, it is necessary to determine the functions, advantages, and disadvantages of each. These elements or factors are layout, expense of installation, type of cable used, and troubleshooting techniques. These will determine how the network will be set up and which is cost-effective.

The Most popular Network Topologies:

Bus Topology

This type of topology is best used in a small size of the network. Bus topology is commonly used in Apple world as its daisy-chaining. In the bus topology, the cable is connected from one computer to another making each computer a link of a chain. The types of cable you use affect the way of the network can be connected.

If your network is using Thick Net coaxial cable, then bus network should have a master backbone cable. If your cable is smaller, it will have the backbone to each computer in the network. The downfall of this is that if it is not terminated correctly then it will not work effectively.

Star Topology

The Star Topology











In a star topology, each server and work station is connected into a central hub that provides connection to all devices connected to it. The network topology shape looks like a star.

This network topology is one extremely common network setups. The disadvantage of this setup is that if the central hub or the server fails, all computers connected to it would be disconnected.

Ring Topology

The Ring Topology








This topology is also referred as a ring network. This network setup forms a large circle or ring. Each computer is networked and connected to each other. Each packet of data is transmitted through around the ring until it reaches its final destination.

This type of topology is rarely used as it causes slow network connection. It is not effective and can be hugely expensive.

Mesh Topology

The Mesh Topology












It is a network setup where each of computer and the network devices are interconnected with one to another. It allows most transmission to be distributed, even if one of it goes down.

This type of network topology is not commonly used as it is difficult to setup. It is also expensive and can cause intermittent connection in each computer. However, this network design is commonly used on wireless networks.

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