Most Effective Types of Content Marketing

 Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a vastly broad term, encompassing many ways of getting a brand name or message out. It can cover many things, from blogs to podcast and everything in between.

So what, then, are the most popular forms of content marketing and which prove to be the most effective?


One of the most popular tools for content marketing, news provides a website with a rapidly updated stream of fresh, original content. In creating unique news (ie. not copied and pasted from another site), the search engines will see a website that is being constantly updated. It will see it as having more authority and therefore rank it higher in its listings. It also brings users in, with browsers seeing a website creating industry-specific news that interests them; therefore ensuring they come back again and again later on down the line.

News with Images

Often as important as the text, images can give a story more gravity, as well as the source which posted it. In looking more like industry magazines or publishers, the news feed can evoke a sense of professionalism (and therefore trust) in the reader, as well as breaking up the text into more readable chunks.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing for SEO and Website Rank

Social Media

Targeting social media is something that all businesses should be doing. Given that social media sites count their users in the millions, businesses are increasingly looking to target this huge readership.

In re-purposing blogs, news stories or white papers to be used on social media sites, businesses can build further links to their websites – all the while targeting people who may not have stumbled across the business otherwise.


Evergreen content is the umbrella term which incorporates blogs, white papers and other such articles. They can cover all sorts of topics and – whilst not as fresh and rolling as news – have much more longevity; their content being of just as much use five years down the line as it was on the day it was published.

Therefore, all the while it is online, it can drive traffic to a site just as much in a year as it does on the first day.

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