What are the Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets?

Solar Powered Gadgets

Running your home off solar power alone is still beyond the budgets of
most American families, but small solar panels are dropping in cost
rapidly. This has led to the

These tools are all relatively small and offer solar charging options.
Some have practical uses, while others are just fun. I think that all of
these cool devices would make a great gift for the Eco-conscious or
alternative energy fan for a holiday or birthday.

Solar Powered Lights

We’ve all seen the small, solar powered garden lights that most retail
stores offer. However, you can also pick up other forms of decorative
lighting rather inexpensively.

If you enjoy covering your home in bright colored lights for Christmas or
other holidays, try a solar powered set instead of those that burn up
hundreds of watts of electricity during the winter season. The lights
charge all day, and when night falls they light up automatically.

Solar Chargers

If you’re a big fan of small electronics like smart phones, cell phones or
MP3 players, you know the amount of energy that these devices use on a
weekly basis with their constant need for recharging. I recommend picking
up a hybrid solar charger to go green.

While the first solar chargers on the market didn’t perform very well,
modern models charge up in the sun and then can be brought indoors to
charge devices multiple times before running out of energy. They also hold
a charge for up to a year, making them convenient even for people who
rarely charge their devices.

Fountains and Bird Baths

Decorating your yard with fountains and bird baths featuring small water
pumps adds a lively touch, but running a power cord to the motor that
powers the decoration is difficult.

Save yourself the trouble and save some electricity by picking up a solar
powered yard fountain. The panel is hidden within the design, so your
guests don’t even know that it’s the sun powering the soft sound of
flowing water.

Solar Clothing and Bags

For people who need to produce electricity on the go, a pair of pants or a
backpack outfitted with solar panels is a great gift. While these gadgets
only work if you spend plenty of time in the full sun, they allow you to
harness the power of the sun while moving about. They come with adapters
that allow you to charge nearly any device in your pocket or in the bag.

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