Dell 1230C Printer

Every one today looks for devices that are fast, reliable and deliver good quality. All this can be found in the Dell 1230C printer, which offers a combination of quality, speed and reliability along with style and fashionably colors and all that in a very small size. The connectivity with the PC and laptop is very easy and publishing of pages are also very convenient with Color Laser 1230C toner.

The device has the capability of producing 4 color pages per minute and it can produce up to 16 monochromic pages using Dell Color Laser toner. Considering a small office or for home use, the device is perfect for paper publishing work with an unbelievably small size of 15.3 X 12.3 inches. The technology that works behind this device is laser and it is designed to produce brilliant color pages every time. With the resolution of 2400 X 600 dpi, it produces documents with sharp looks.

With this device, one can create professional documents and can also publish borderless color photos at up to 2400 X 600 dpi. The device comes with a feature known as toner management, which consists of an intelligent software program that regularly monitors the toner level and notifies to user when toner level is low.

The installation and settings of the device is very easy and one only needs to connect it to desktop or laptop via USB port. When your business grows and you think about a new device, Dell offers you a great deal by giving you an option to upgrade the device. This will save the company definitely. The device can produce up to 20000 pages a month and this makes it a perfect publishing machine.

The device comes with 32 MB RAM and a 375 MHz processor. Let’s look at the other benefits of this device: it comes with amazing long term value while producing professional prints. It saves time and money by publishing pages with a fast speed with quality and makes correct use of the RGB ratio. It gives an outstanding experience with reliability for handling up to 20000 pages. It produces excellent quality and requires replacing toner cartridges after 1500 black pages and 1000 color pages.

The device uses green technology certified which helps us to protect the planet. It uses less energy and hence also saves money along with energy resources. The company guarantees quality of service and maintenance with the product. It comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty and 1-year basic next business day advance exchange service.

You can also buy an extension in the warranty of up to 5 years. This is optional and not mandatory to take. It is for long-term safety of your device. Various benefits come with the toner of this device. The replacement of toner is very easy, you can call to company or can order online and you will get the new toner at your door. When the toner is no longer in use you can return it back to the company for environmental recycling.

The Dell 1230C printer with Dell Color Laser 1230C cartridges, is a reliable product with a capacity to deliver high quality publishing every time. The company facilitates full technical assistance via phone or via web while using Dell bulk toner. This device is known for producing the best quality pages and is known for its beautiful style with laser toner cartridges.

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