Difference Between (SaaS) and Self-hosted Software Solutions

Difference Between (SaaS) and Self-hosted Software Solutions

Are you planning to invest a new recruitment automation system? You must have been aware of the features, advantages and the prices of those automation systems. The software of automation process plays a major role in the Return on Investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Although, it is difficult to get to know that which software solution is best for your organization but not impossible. Hence in this article we will discuss about the deployment methods of software which will help you in taking the accurate decision for this critical issue.

There are two renowned software deployment methods

1.)    Software Deployment in Self-hosting: Self-hosting deployment in software is also referred as Enterprise software deployment. This method is one of the most conventional methods of employing enrollment or staffing software among an establishment.

Before we proceed to next deployment method, we need to understand the concept behind Enterprise deployment. When you purchase a licensed product then you also purchase and own the hardware as well along with the servers, backup systems, communications and power systems with all other infrastructure at your place.

It is totally your responsibility to maintain all of the hardware, software and substructure letting in the recruitment of IT staff. Also maintain the budget for the support and services for software maintenance to your vendor. You will also need to pay for software maintenance, support and services to your vendor. This adds up to approximately 20% of the software program license cost annually.

2.)    (Software as a Service) SaaS Software Deployment: It is also referred as On-Demand software or more frequently known as Remote Hosted software. You need to subscribe this deployment model which has to me maintained by the vendors on the servers. By using a Web Browser or Smart Client, you would be able to use the software over the web connection and for all this your vendor is answerable for all on-going computer hardware and software protection.

The advantages of this deployment model are that it is of low cost entry and a TCO. Moreover, if in any case there is mismanagement in the app then there is a vested vendor interest to save your client.

eConn Resume Parser is the choice for a suitable software solution that is a Self-hosting or Enterprise Software deployment. It gives the facility of maintaining online resumes by drawing out the necessitated data in a coordinated and consistent manner. The contributed advantages are that it provides assistance to you to get support on E-learning solutions, Enterprise portals, and Enterprise application integration tools, SOA software, Document management systems, and Project management software. These advantages with the self-hosted software solution as a Resume Parser are of extreme use and more dependable than all other software system solutions and as called SaaS software deployments.

Even though, PyramidCI is growing to be very well-liked, its weaknesses are equally high in addition. Some establishments find it hard to assign control or believe third parties to handle their apps and data.


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