Droid Translator: Skype’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

Droid TranslatorDroid Translator: Skype’s Worst Nightmare Comes True


Troubles came from the place no one expected. Ukraine. In about a month ago Aleksandr Konovalov, a 35-year-old programmer from Kyiv, Ukraine, has created a such-called Ukrainian Skype – an application for Android, which can become a very dangerous competitor to Skype and many other voice services. It’s called Droid Translator, and it’s main advantage is a simultaneous translation of all voice calls and video calls into 14 different languages!

What is it all about?

Droid Translator is the world’s first simultaneous translator of voice and video calls. Now you can speak your language with the world, and no registration is needed for this at the moment. This application automatically translates:


  •  Skype video calls
  • voice calls (DT-Voice)
  • text messages (DT-Chat)
  • calls to other VoIP services

You just talk to a friend in your native language, and Droid Translator will automatically translate your words and give him the results in his native language. What can be easier? You can also use this application to communicate without any translation.


How to use?

Droid Translator

Droid Translator is totally free to download at the moment. Thanks to its bright and user-friendly interface, you’ll have no problems with its usage even if it’s the first time you work with applications of this kind. So, how does Droid Translator work actually?

All you need to do is to install the app to your Android device and synchronize your Skype contacts with it. After that, open Droid Translator and choose your language. Contact a friend to talk to by choosing his photo from the list, and choose what action you want to do: send a message with a translation, call him with a translation, or make a video call with a translation.


A new sensation?

Developers call their application a new sensation and assure everyone, that more than 10 million people will use it in a year. After a month of its existence, there were in about 10 000 downloads of Droid Translator, and more than 100 000 downloads are expected to get till September. It’s your chance to try this new messenger now, because its creator is going to take $5 for downloading Droid Translator in few months.

Droid Translator

Everything sounds great of course, but… We tried to download Droid Translator and take a look at its work. What do we have at the moment? Droid Translator is hard to call an independent messenger, because it’s just a service for Skype (it works with Skype only, as you need to synchronize your Skype contacts to make this app work). Droid Translator has its beta-version at the moment, and you can always contact its developers and tell about bugs in order to improve this application and make it work better.

Aleksandr says that his team of twenty IT-specialists who work on Droid Translator now guarantees the confidentiality of your conversation: all messages are not saved to a server, and Droid Translator will “forget” everything you said to your interlocutor right after you sign out. It makes it different from other voice services of course.

What do you think of Droid Translator? Should Skype and other popular messengers (Google Talk and Viber in particular) be afraid of it? Share your thoughts in comments.


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