Battery Power for the Future of Electric Cars

The rechargeable battery is the lifeblood of the electric car. This part of the electric car stores electrical energy used to power the electric motors to drive this vehicle. The current batteries though in use are quite cumbersome and require materials that are quite expensive.

In a nutshell, the following are the ideal guidelines that would help in making the right car battery for the electric car.

Efficient Storage. Many of the current battery designs have a limited storage capacity, which results in a very limited distance to travel between charges of the battery pack. Thus, what is needed is an efficient storage unit for electrical power for the electric car.

Weight Issues. Current designs are bulky and one of the biggest items in terms of weight for the electric car. Because of the weight, the effective range of the electric car is affected because of the greater demand for power, the faster the depletion of the battery charge. Thus, what is needed is lighter battery design and materials used to allow the battery a longer effective range because of the lower demand in propelling the car through its paces.

Recharging Times. One of the drawbacks of current car battery designs is the length of time needed to fully charge an electric car battery. In the latest design, depending upon the voltage provided by the charging unit, it takes at least an hour to charge fully a standard electric car battery pack.

This refilling is much longer than a full tank of gas for a conventional fuel engine car. Thus, what is needed is a battery pack that can recharge quickly and efficiently for a shorter down time for the electric car.

Battery Life. One of the drawbacks of current battery technology is the shortening of the effective life of the battery with each recharging. Over time, the ability of the battery to store energy lowers with each use and discharge. In no time, the battery would be unable to store enough energy to be used efficiently. Thus, what is needed is a battery that would be able to overcome this limitation for a longer service life with the many charges and discharges of the battery.

As can be seen, current battery designs for the electric car still needs a lot of improvement and upgrading. There must be a more efficient storage and recharging capacity for the new battery. The current weight and space issues of current battery designs also the extension of the battery life issues needs to be addressed for the best battery for the future electric car revolution to commence.

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