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Zynga has introduced the Research Labs to Empires and Allies game on Facebook.A strong army needs high-technology machines to win the battle and invasions. This might be the reason why Zynga has added this new cool thing on Empires and Allies game.

As a player, I was asked to place one on mine. It is pretty interesting tool though for the game.

Empires and Allies Research Labs feature allow the players to upgrade their current army or units into a huge upgraded forces! I am sure some of you have placed at least one on yours but this new feature will really come handy.

The Research Lab of Zynga’s Empires and Allies has a goal that is easy to follow. If your empire does not produce Iron, Gold, or anything you cannot produce, then it would be best to start visiting friends or neighbors who does or starting gathering and save them to use. In order to get upgrades on the research lab in your empire, ou must complete and get the materials it require.

So, this added feature of the Empires and Allies game will definitely force you to send out a lot of help requests from friends or allies. You would need their help to build a better and stronger units in your empire! There stronger are your units, the better chance of defeating enemies!

Like any other zynga games, Research Lab on Empires and Allies requires the following:

400 Population
5,000 Coins
500 Wood
25 Iron

Therefore, you must be prepared to have them 🙂


Source & Image Credits to Zynga

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    1. lol. Thanks for the comment. I hope so.. Cityville and their other games are still being played by people though. Yeah, i bet they are keeping their money on their bank accounts! 🙂

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