Empires & Allies: Get Some Energy & Liberty Bonds from friends!

Are you out of energy and out of liberty bonds? Right Click on each of the image below to get them from friends



  • You can open the link in several tabs; however, do not open to many tabs as it may freeze your Internet browser
  • Be patient! Wait for the page per tab to get fully loaded
  • Then, choose all your of your Facebook friends playing Empires and Allies, and send Help request. Once your friends have accepted your help requests, it should be shown on your inventory!

    +1 Energy

    Liberty Bond

I will be posting few more links tomorrow. If ever they don’t work anymore, please let me know so I can check it out.

One thought on “Empires & Allies: Get Some Energy & Liberty Bonds from friends!

  1. Thanks for the very useful info…Was wondering if you have a link to request three energy for empires and allies.I noticed you have one to request one energy..

    Thanks for your time and info:)

    Phil Hannah

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