Empires & Allies:Gift Links! (Part 2) Ask for More…

Empires and Allies:Gift Links!

Hey all my fellow Allies in Zynga’s Empire! 🙂

Finally, the website is up and I would like to take this chance to post more gift request help links you can send to your friends – unlimited!

For those who have not checked the links on first set, check out this link Useful Empires & Allies Gift Links- It works!

So, the following are the links. Just right click on each, you can open as many tabs you want (but not too many as it freezes your browser), select the friends whom you think are givers 😉 and then send the request on all tabs at the same time. If you fail to do this, sad to say, you will have to wait for another 24 hours to resend the link to the same person or Empire ally.

300 Coins

Upgrade Blueprint

Army Red Tape

Mission Map

Advanced Hull Plating

Welding Kit

Altitude Indicator

Combat Boots

Body Armor

Brush Guard

.50 Caliber Gun

Turbo Diesel Engine

Sabot Round

Camo Paint

Deck Turret



Sonar System



Blast Shield

Radar Dish

Arrestor Cable

Airspeed Indicator

Flight Helmet

Ejector Seat


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