Useful Empires & Allies Gift Links- It works!

Empires and Allies Update!

I thought I would share what I discovered to fellow Empires & Allies Players on Facebook.

The previous links doesn’t work anymore as Zynga made some changes on this game. I hope the following links will be useful in your invasions and game adventure. I am not sure how long these links will work but I will search and post updates if ever that happens.

Note: Depending on what you really need for your game. Click on the link, if possible on several tabs. Not too many though because it will definitely freeze your Internet browser. Select the friends/players you want to send the request to, and make sure that you send the requestion on all tabs at the same time. Otherwise, you will be out of request for the day.

Energy 01






Liberty Bond


Upgrade Blueprint

Approval Stamp

Army Red Tape

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