Expected Features From Apple’s Next iPhone

Expected Features From Apple’s Next iPhone

With the iPhone 4S released in 2011, Apple has marked its dominance in the Smartphone market. With 4 million units sold in the first three days, one can easily assume the fan fare Apple is enjoying. Everyone is now waiting for the ‘to be launched’ iPhone 5. (If Apple names it so!) Let us now check some of the features which we expect the new iPhone will have.

1. Different form factor:

The Apple iPhone series which usually has a plain, rectangular, flat shape has become too familiar and it is time Apple must do something about it. Wait a minute, according to news leaked from Foxconn; a company which makes parts for iPhone, the next Apple iPhone will have a slightly curvier shape!

2. 4G :LTE:

With 4G services available in US and many other parts of the world, the iPhone 5 is expected to have the 4G LTE (or without LTE) so that we can harness the high speed capabilities of the 4G network(downloading speeds upto 12 Mbps).

3. Bigger screen:

As people are using their smartphones for more applications, there is a huge demand for bigger screens. With Samsung and Nokia coming up with bigger screen smartphones, it is time Apple increase its screen size too. According to rumors the Apple iPhone 5 will have a 3.7” screen (or maybe bigger).

4. More Megapixels:

News in the rumor mill is that the new iPhone will have a 13MP camera. Now this is a great news/rumor and will make Apple clearly stand ahead of all the smartphones available in the market presently.

5. Faster Processor:

Apple iPhone 4S had a fast and efficient A5 processor which made using various applications and games quite a breeze; however it is expected that Apple will come with an even faster A6 processor.

6. Better quality screen:

Now one of the major concerns with the Apple iPhones is that it has a delicate screen prone to breakage. Also repairing Apple products is not quite something one likes; hence it would be real great if Apple uses something more durable for the next iPhone’s screen.

7. Educated Siri:

Siri was the main reason for Apple iPhone 4S’s huge success. One could easily maneuver through their phone and perform various tasks quite easily with Siri as an assistant. However Siri wasn’t quite efficient which can be easily understood as it is still in a nascent phase. It will be however interesting to see what changes Apple has included in Siri application in the new iPhone.

8. NFC technology:

NFC or near field technology is building up steam as it has made data and money transfer quite fast and comfortable. It will be nice to see the application being incorporated in the latest iPhone as well.

9. Liquipel technology:

Liquipel technology allows you to use your iPhones under water! Or more importantly protect your iPhones from accidental water spilling. iPhone with a stronger screen and water proof body will make it the ultimate in gadgets!

10. Keyboard:

Although it sounds quite un-Applish, but some people speculate over an iPhone with a slide-able keyboard. If incorporated, it will definitely be useful for writing and sending emails and other activities which would require the services of a keyboard. It will however make the iPhone bulkier which no one wants!

Divya Rawat is a tech enthusiast and a regular blogger. She works as a content writer in an SEO Company which has been providing various Website Development Services since the past six years.