Four Reasons a Business Should be on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook has grown so popular that over 700 million people now have an account on the social media website. With this sort of popularity, it would be crazy for a business not to have its own Facebook page.

This article presents four reasons why it is essential for businesses to have their own Facebook page.

1. Shareability

Having a Facebook profile is a great way to support a search engine marketing strategy. Facebook has proven to be an extremely useful method of sharing and raising awareness of online content which can benefit a business.

Content which is shared a lot via websites such as Facebook and Twitter may be more likely to have better visibility within search engines thanks to recent updates to Google’s search algorithm.

2. Brand awareness

When a Facebook user connects with your business by ‘liking’ your page, this action is displayed to their entire network of friends. With just one click of a button a Facebook user has let hundreds, maybe thousands of peers know that they like your brand. That is free advertising which business owners could only have dreamt about in the past.

3. Connecting with target audience

Social media websites are simple and useful way to connect with those who like your brand. A Facebook Page can be used to spread news of new offers or to answer inbound queries from curious consumers. Doing both is a brilliant way to build a positive reputation amongst potential customers.

4. Visibility

Even if not promoting a particular message, it always useful for brands to be visible if only to remain in consumer’s minds. When they are in need of a service you provide this could be enough for them to turn to your brand first.

Creating a Facebook page is simple, easy and free! Business which have not done so are missing out on some seriously cost-effective marketing.

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