Fax To Email System: Numerous Benefits

Any office that still makes use of an old-fashioned fax machine is not only wasting money, but also valuable resources. A lot of time is wasted with a manual fax system as well.

The alternative – a Fax to email system – offers many benefits as will be seen below.

Numerous companies, both large and small, are converting to Fax to email at this very moment. With such a system, also known as paperless faxing, faxes are delivered as emails right into the email inbox of the recipient. Sending faxes can also be done electronically from the same mailbox.

Let us briefly look at all the benefits of such a system.

Incoming faxes at no charge: To receive an incoming fax with such a system is completely free. The Fax to email will appear in your email inbox like any other email. You can then read it whenever you have time and afterwards file it or print it.

Low-cost outgoing faxes: It would not be very useful if you could receive faxes with a system, but not use it to send a reply. With such a system you would still require a conventional fax machine. Luckily this is not the case. You can indeed send faxes from your mailbox with an electronic system. Not only that, but the price to send a fax is very competitive.

Increased privacy: If you use an ordinary fax machine, there is virtually no such thing as confidentiality. Anyone that walks past the machine can pick up a fax and read it before handing it to you. With an electronic fax system you will have absolute privacy, since every staff member will receive only the faxes meant for him personally.

Save lots of money on printing costs: The only way you can access your faxes with a conventional machine, is to print them. If you receive large numbers of faxes daily, you will be well aware of the astronomical cost of printing all of them. With a paperless fax system, you only have to print faxes that have to be printed. The others you can simply file electronically for later reference.

No engaged lines: With an ordinary fax machine, you can only receive one fax at a time. Your customers and business colleagues will therefore no doubt often be faced with an engaged fax line when they try to send you a document. Since a fax-to-mail system can handle more than one fax at the same time, this will never happen with such a system. You can receive faxes after hours as well, 7 days a week.

Universal access: You can access your faxes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have webmail access. If you go away for a weekend and you expect an important fax, simply pop in to an Internet shop or use your cell phone to check your mailbox.

A fax to email system can handle all popular file attachment types.

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