Firefox PDF Reader’s “pixel-perfect” Test

The Mozilla programming experts have succeeded with their mission to build a PDF reader out of technology of web programming, the “pixel-perfect”.

The research paper of PDF files, which is on fast execution of JavaScript. The files contain formatted tables, graphics, texts, and diagrams.

Mozilla programmers Chris Jones and Andreas Gal proudly declared that their pdf.js project is fully established to guarantee the version 0.2.

Introduced to the public in June, the pdf.js project that uses HTML5’s Canvas For and JavaScript to develop and display the file. Its version 0.2 has better user interface, better graphic features, TrueType font’s support, and other cool features.

“We intend pdf.js to work in all HTML5-compliant browsers. And that, by definition, means pdf.js should work equally well on all operating systems that those browsers run on,” but right now it requires a nightly build of Firefox, the programmers said. “The [PDF research] paper is rendered less well on other platforms and in older Firefoxen, and even worse in other browsers. But such is life on the bleeding edge of the Web platform.”
It is the plan of Mozilla to include the software within their Firefox Internet browser. “We would love to see it embedded in other browsers or Web applications; because it’s written only in standards-compliant web technologies, the code will run in any compliant browser,” the programmers added.

There is one big feature missing on this PDF reader though. It is the feature to copy text from it. That depends on a later stage of work that may perhaps use the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard.

Google’s Chrome’s built-in PDF reader within the browser itself; however, it is not considerably perfect. They are aware of that issue that when it attempts to download the PDF document, warning message pops-up that all contents can’t be shown on the browser without opening through the Adobe reader.

PDF files are widespread on the Internet. Many people worldwide use it for a lot of purposes. Opening PDF files can sometimes cause slow loading and in the past relied on an Adobe browser plug-in that performed very inversely from the browser itself. The pdf.js project holds the possibility of helping to make PDF a more ordinary document type for all Internet browsers.

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