Five Best Gaming Apps in iPhone

 Best Gaming Apps in iPhone

IPhones have brought about a lot of changes in the world of mobile phones. It has made it easier for people to work from their cell phones and do a variety of other things. However, the one big change that was brought on by iPhones was the change in the mobile gaming world. Before the iPhone came out, there weren’t so many people who were addicted to gaming apps. With the coming of gaming apps in iPhones, people went crazy and started gaming on their mobile phones on a very frequent basis.

Sony and Nintendo were both given a run for their money by the gaming apps launched by Apple. It has started rising high in the gaming industry. It becomes very difficult to go over the App store looking for the best games. Therefore, this article attempts to deal with the 5 best gaming apps that Apple has come up with in order to make it easier for iPhone users to pick their games.


Dropship was initially a paid app but has now become a free app and is one of the biggest hits in the App Store. This game can be seen as a modern version of Gravitor or Thrust. You ship is to battle with gravity and shoot a gun along with looking for complicated vector-based cave formations for stranded allies.

The two thumbs are used to control the ship and the screen can be touched at any point in order to operate the ship. Such a control system takes a little time to get used to, and once its mastered, the game seems to flow smoothly.



The most irritating thing about the game is that it forces you to sign up to a Plus+ account. But, once you are through with that, you will find a game that is a mix of the ancient classic arcade game QIx and the surdery game Tauma Centre. The gameplay revolves around the removal of viruses by tilting the iPhone to “cut-out” infections. You address book contact names are used as the names of the patients and so you immediately form a bond with the virtual patients. The game moves fast and furiously.

  • FLOOD IT! 2

It foolows the rules of all great puzzlers – keep it simple. However, the game is so challenging that your brain seems to melt under its powerful influence. You are given a limited number of taps and you have to tap colours in order to flood the board from the top left corners with a single colour. The sequel offers a lot of additional modes and a scheme for color blind players.



A game of standalone solitaire can never go out of fashion. People still enjoy it just as much as they used to in the past years.


This is a motion control game where you must move your craft from left to the right through a landscape made of cubes for as long as possible.

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