How To Fix Error 1068 On Windows

Fix Error 1068 On Windows

A significant commonly occurring error, the 1068 error is usually a fault that is connected to something referred to as the “INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING WIZARD” around the Windows XP Computer.

This error appears when on the list of connection to the web sharing wizard’s dependencies (one of the services it requires to run) isn’t able to load properly.

Microsoft Windows XP error 1068 crops up when you’re operating a remote connectivity feature with your operating system. Of course, this might sound such as a serious problem, it is really rather easy to correct, if you refer to the manual given in this quick tutorial.

When this problem happens, the error1068 look the following:

An error occurred while Web connection Sharing Wizard was being enabled. The dependency service or group neglected to start. 1068: Dependency service or group still did not start.

No matter what, this error is a result of a problem with the world wide web Connection Sharing Wizard that appears whenever you try and run this application.

To be able to fix the system, you can apply the steps that follow below:

How To Fix The 1068 Error With your PC

You are able to start the Dependent Service manually, that ought to fix the problem. As pointed out, the reason behind this fault is the Dependent Service won’t load for reasons unknown. To start out this method manually, follow these steps:

Click on the Start Menu; then click Help and Support.

From this level, find the “Pick a Task” option through the menu, and then visit “Use Tools to see your personal machine information and diagnose problems”.

A Tools menu will appear, and from this level you’ll want to select “System Configuration Utility”.

A pane within the right might appear, and you are able to decide to “Open System Configuration Utility”.

In this utility, look for a tab labeled “Services” and then click it. Inside here, all you need to do is confirm the following services and make sure likely turned on by hitting the check box alongside it:

Application Layer Gateway Service Network Connections

Network Location Awareness or NLA Plug and Play

Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Access Connection Manager

RPC or Remote Procedure Call Telephony

Once you have turned the suggestions above services on, you will need to reboot your personal machine then start the web Connection Sharing Wizard again, as you normally do.

Hopefully, everything will run normally and you also won’t begin to see the error 1068 appear anymore. However, if it still persists, you need to learn about cleaning the Registry.

The registry is a common cause of the 1068 error on your computer. It is deemed an enormous database, and is the portion of Windows that stores all of your current programs and applications’ files, options and settings. Windows will have to access this registry any time you run a program, so that you can retrieve the info it requires.

Without the registry, your personal computer would not be competent to run any processes whatsoever. The challenge together with the registry is the fact, like everything else with computers, its design is far from perfect. Now and then certain files will sustain damage, causing Windows to unrecognized them –

A result of this is problems such as the 1068 error. The best way to repair this registry is with its own program, what is known as a registry scanning and cleaning, which can be downloaded from the software package websites. Be sure to select a great one.

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