Four Anti-Drinking Apps That Will Save You from Medical Cost and Illness

stop drinking apps

stop drinking appsFour Anti-Drinking Apps That Will Save You from Medical Cost and Illness


Second only to smoking in terms of illness-causing vices, alcohol consumption causes untold amounts of devastation on individuals, families and health care costs throughout the world. In decades past, the total picture involving alcohol consumption was not clear; but advances in technology have now led us to be able to understand all of the disadvantages that come with the habitual consumption of alcohol. The very same technology is also allowing for current alcoholics and those with drinking disorders to access a variety of tools to help them quit; the following article will cover four of these anti-drinking apps and how each can empower users to begin a healthier life.

Stop Drinking Alcohol App

Stop Drinking Alcohol App

The Stop Drinking Alcohol App for Android devices empowers users through a variety of tools and information designed to keep a determined recoverer on the path to sobriety and good health. Not only can users track the number of consecutive days that have passed since their last drink, but current drinkers can also use the app to monitor their daily intake. If you find yourself in a stressful or otherwise tempting situation, the Stop Drinking Alcohol App also offer hundreds of stories and inspirational quotes to keep your mind clear and focused on the long-term goal.

Quit Drinking

Quit Drinking app

If you are ready to get healthy and regain control of your life, then the Quit Drinking App may be the perfect solution for you. Functioning as both a calculator and inspirational coach, the app records the amount of time since your last drink, the estimated amount of money saved by not drinking and also offers live chat with other app users for further support and encouragement. Having a rough patch? You can call a friend or support buddy directly from the app using the pre-programmed functions. Absolutely free and available for Android devices, the Quit Drinking app is helping recovering alcoholics seize the day without losing sight of tomorrow.

Control Alcohol

Control Alcohol App

Taking a novel yet fairly documented approach to alcohol cessation; Control Alcohol is a hypnosis-based application that claims to offer its users an increased amount of relaxation and resistance to the temptations of alcohol. Aimed at disrupting the negative thoughts that often accompany addiction, Control Alcohol offers ten minute hypnosis sessions that can access the deeper consciousness and help alleviate the underlying causes of addiction. Available for Android devices, Control Alcohol is currently available for $4.99 via the Android Marketplace.

Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis

Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis

Beating the mental challenges that come with addiction can be tough, but fortunately apps like Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis are helping to address these challenges. Included with the app is several hypnosis sessions that can be used to calm the mind and restore balance where alcohol has taken its place. In addition to the hypnosis sessions, a questionnaire is also provided to assess the level of dependency a user currently has on alcohol and to see if professional therapy will be required as part of a broader treatment plan. For just $4.99, you can download this app via the Android Marketplace for yourself, a friend or a family member.





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