Top 10 Free Apps and Tools for Writing

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Top 10 Free Apps and Tools for Writing

There are a lot of apps you can look up in order to write on your phone. And, many of them do a pretty good job. However, the ones on this article are particularly good. So, have a look through and see if any would be good for you.

1 –

If you have some brainstorming to do, then this app may help you out. It allows you to quickly note down your ideas and map them on the app. You will find that this app is easy to use and easy to write on. It also allows you to create mind maps using different colored bubbles, varying text sizes and different types of formatting. The app is free to use and you can save your data too if you open an account.

2 – Diaro

This is a form of a diary. It allows you to take notes but asks that you do it in a manner that is more similar to a diary than it is to apps such as Evernote. You are able to keep and organize your ideas, but also your thoughts, feelings and experiences. You may document certain events and even add pictures to reinforce your case. You can share things across social networking sites too.

3 – Note Everything

This is a notepad that is actually more equipped for note taking than the more popular Evernote app is. It allows you to take notes and then organize them in your own categories. You are able to take voice memos and you are able to draw pictures on the app too. The app allows you to organize your notes in a way that is suited to you and customized by you for greater ease.

4 – Q10

This is a writing tool that endeavors to remove all of the distractions from the equation, so that the user may get a little bit more writing done. This app allows you to write on a full screen environment, and has lots of features and functions that will help you to get your writing done a little better, quicker and more efficiently. The app will also remember what you were working on last time too.

5 – Storybook

This is a good tool for helping you to keep up and understand plot lines. You are able to keep track of all of the story threads with what is going on, and allows you to track an overview of the story. It has four views that will help you to monitor your story threads, and other tools that you may use to amend those threads, or to join them with others.

6 – Visual Einstein

This is yet another free app that you can download for free. It allows you to organize your writing projects. You do it by inserting notes and then creating headings, sub-headings and hyperlinks. This allows you to create an intricate web of information that you can use to help you organize your writing and any narratives that you have in the works.

7 – WiseMapping

This app is free if you have the Internet and do not mind registering. You must create an account in order to use the tools within. It is a mind map tool that is pretty basic. This is actually a good thing, as brainstorming is better done in the simplest manner possible. It is a good app for problem solving and other mind mapping functions.

8 – Write 2 Lite

This is an app for writing on your phone. It is a good app for creating notes quickly, but there is nothing stopping you from creating entire blog posts on your app. The writing tools within it are quite good and will allow you to change the text in the same manner that desktop writing tools allow you to change the text (e.g. size, font, etc). This app is currently exclusive to the iPhone.

9 – Writer

This is an Android exclusive app that allows you to write on your Android. It sells itself as the writing app that lets you avoid distractions. It stops some of the more distracting (but less urgent) pop ups from appearing and disturbing you, and the app takes up most of the screen when it is on. This means that it is harder to be distracted when writing.

10 – yWriter5

This is apparently a novelist’s tool. It allows you to break up a text into scenes. It is designed as an app that allows you to create chapters and manage a narrative a little easier.

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