Free Blogs Versus Hosted Blog – Where You are to put Your Money?

Free Blogs Versus Hosted Blog 

It is tough to decide between a free blog and a hosted blog. Sorry for being so abrupt starting, but this is a real problem for a starter and unless you make the right choice, your blogging career will go into a tailspin.

When I was about to start my blogging career, it was a tough decision to make and it had me spent many sleepless nights thinking over the possible advantages and disadvantages of hosted and free blogs. Now if you do not want to go through the same ordeal, here are some facts and figures that you will certainly love to go through before you make your mind and make a prudent choice:

The Free Blog: The word – “free” sounds pretty tempting. Even if you do not have any money in your pocket, you have your blog booked. It is absolutely free and at the same time hassle free. You can easily have your blog booked in Blogpost or the likes of it without putting too much personal information along the way. You do not need to put your credit card details. And most of these free blogs come with zillions of features. You can customize them the way you like and some blogs even let users upload images from their PC. Those who are not comfortable with coding, design, Photoshop and do not have hard cash to spend on a virtual space, these free blogs are a real blessing in disguise.

Another big advantage of using free blog is that you do not need to play around the concept of making it look great as the responsibility is already being shared by the blogging company itself. Innumerable free templates are available and all you got to do is to choose the template. And, setting up the blog is more of a cake walk. Just fill out the information they are asking and there you go. A perfect looking blog is ready. And since all these blog sites are already having great page rank, you blog will have some page juice passing through it. This is the reason free blogs got indexed so fast compared to paid blogs. But remember that if the main website gets penalized, all your great and good works may also get affected by it.

Hosted Blogs: These blogs come with greater level of customization options. You can change the look or feel without caring a fig for the limitation and all that. Moreover, it gives you ultimate level of freedom when it comes to attaining uniqueness, which is almost next to impossible with free blogs. Moreover, you do not need to shell out huge amount of money for this since you can easily avail some discount on Godaddy, UK2 or Netfirms web hosting by grabbing some cool coupons. Try your luck.

And it always looks professional and cool to have a domain name that does not come with long and irrelevant main domain link. It is good to have a short and easily memorisable domain name. It will go a long way to popularize your presence.

One of the greatest advantages of using hosted blog is that you own the blog and that means, you are the sole decision maker, which is pretty cool. But yes, you need to pay every year for renewing the domain name and continuing the hosting. But given its innumerable benefits, you can easily overlook this.

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