Free Nexus S Phone from Google Today!

 Free Nexus S Phones from Google! 

While reading through some news, I’ve discovered that the main page of Google itself is currently offering free Nexus phones. Nexus S Phone from Google aims to provide a “a pure Google experience.

It really made me interested to get a FREE phone but this free offer is only for US-Residents. You can’t really cheat because Google’s system detects the IP Address and it only allow US-Based IP Address! Dang! Too bad for me or to whoever residing outside US.

Nexus S is the first phone to run Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android yet.

Gingerbread is an mobile OS built with some of the most popular Android features like multi-tasking and Wi-Fi hot spot and adds a refreshed user interface, an improved keyboard, near field communication (NFC) support, and more.

For full phone features and tech specifications of Nexus S, check out this Free Google Nexus S Phone Features

Grab this chance to get a free phone from Google! This is definitely only good for today.

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