Free Portal Download Until September 20th

Free Portal Download

Valve always keeps abreast of where its games are being played, and how the associated editing tools are being used.

Recently, it has been hearing how schools and education establishments have been using Portal as a learning tool.

The game is being incorporated into teaching such things as physics and critical thinking, as well as spacial awareness, math, logic, probability, problem solving, and how to create using a computer.

It may seem obvious, but making such skill learning cool and fun opens kid’s minds to actually taking it on board and understanding the different concepts more easily.

In response to this use, Valve has decided to support that education. The first stage of that support seems to be making free Portal download for a limited period of time.

You’ve got until September 20 to grab it. Not just kids, but anyone can play the game as well as use the Hammer Editor to start creating new levels for it.

Free Portal Download

Beyond that, Valve wants to hear what educators are doing and is encouraging them to get in touch via email. One of the schools that already got in touch was treated to a field trip.

The kids from Evergreen School got to visit Valve and play around with the Hammer editor to create some Portal levels while supervised by Valve employees.

As you can see in the video below, everyone seemed to walk away happy.

If you haven’t played Portal yet, there is no better opportunity to grab a copy of the free Portal game for no money and start playing.

Hopefully, on completion you’ll also want to start creating with the Source engine too.


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