Frontierville Game Bot Download

Frontierville Game Bot Download

Though the Zynga’s Empires and Allies Facebook game has been a hit lately but obviously there are still loyal FrontierVille players who daily check on their homesteads and visit Frontier Jack! 🙂

I know some friends and neighbors out there who does. In fact, very diligent in sending me those gifts daily!

I’ve been using this Frontierville Game bot for a while. I realized I would share it here to same some time to those busy players!

Frontierville Game Bot Download is free and does not need any registration. The courtesy goes to the creator of it and the original source.

Here are the features of this game bot:

  • Clear debris
  • Chop trees
  • Water and harvest trees
  • Feed and harvest animals
  • Seed and harvest crops
  • Help neighbors (harvest, chop, water etc.)
  • Bot functional based on plugins, and if you want you can create your own plugin.
If you are not that tech savvy to create your own game plug-in, you can always check out their help forum page.
For those who are interested, click…


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