FrontierVille Pioneer Camp Goals

FrontierVille has launched up a series of six new goals for Pioneer Camp – an introduction to Pioneer Trail expansion which is coming very soon. You have to complete these six goals to get a pioneer expansion! 🙂

First Goal: “Make Camp:”

Finish Building the Pioneer Camp

Tend 40 Cows on your Homestead

Clobber 5 Ground hogs

Second Goal: “A Handy Dandy.”

Chop Oak Trees 100 Times on your Homestead or a Neighbors’

Collect Two Pine Cones

Collect 10 Trail Canteens


Pine Cones  is a  collection item

Trail Canteens – need to ask your friends/neighbors

Reward Once Completed: 1,000 coins, Nature Journal and a Girly Tent

Third Goal: “Mountain Goat Jerky”

Collect one Chicken Drumstick

Collect 100 Food

Collect 8 Preserving Salts

Reward Once Completed: 1,000 XP, a Roasted Mallow and a Pioneer Stew pot

Fourth Goal: “Pioneer’s Scourge.”

Clear 50 Grass on your Homestead or a Neighbor’s Homestead

Harvest Ten Wildflowers on your Homestead

Collect Eight Stinky Herbs

Reward Once Completed: 2,000 coins, a Skeeter Ointment and a Polka Dot Tent

Fifth Goal: “Mathilda the Rifle.”

Collect 5 Saltpeter

Collect 10 Iron Ore

Collect 10 Rounds


Saltpeter- from Manure Collection

Iron Ore – You will get them from digging up rocks in your homestead

Rounds – ask friends/neighbours

Reward Once Completed: 1,500 XP, Roasted Mallow and a Camo Tent.

Sixth/Final Goal: “Pioneer Goods.”

Craft Two Cribs

Collect One Brake Lever

Collect Eight Shipping Manifests

Cribs – you can craft in the Barn

Brake Lever – is on Wagon Collection (keep collecting on your covered wagons)

Shipping Manifests – ask friends/neighbors

The Pioneer Trail expansion won’t be available for you until you have completed the goal for each traveler.


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