Get Your Blog To Stand Out On The Internet

blogging SEO
blogging SEO
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Get Your Blog To Stand Out On The Internet

For any blogger, the main reason for creating a blog is to reach out to as many people as possible. On the internet there are thousands of blogs created every day and for a blogger to remain relevant, they must have very good quality blogs that capture the attention of the audience out there. If you speak to any top blogger, you will learn there are certain things that bring about success in blogging. Are you wondering how to get blog noticed on the Internet?

Here are a few tips;

The Title

A great title makes the difference between a powerful blog and an ordinary one. When people are searching for material on a certain topic, the title makes the crucial difference whether they will open or overlook your blog. Since people have only a few seconds to decide the pages to open, a catchy headline goes a long way in assisting someone make a quick decision on their preferred page. Apart from being catchy, the headline should also be short and precise.

Have Useful content

It goes without saying that once you have got your audience on your blog through the amazing title, the information contained in your blog should be useful. The information should solve the needs of your audience and add value to their lives. If the information satisfies and exceeds the visitors value, they are bound to keep coming back to the site for more updates. Satisfied visitors are also likely to recommend your blog to others leading to an increased traffic flow to your site. Always ask yourself what information your visitors would want to have and give it to them.

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Be Authentic

Whenever you are writing on any topic, it is important to write from a genuine perspective. The only way to stand out from the crowd is by writing about things that you really care about and from your own perspective. Once your visitors get used to your style, they will appreciate you better and can tell if you pick material or borrow opinions from elsewhere. It pays to be consistent in the long run and you stand a better chance of developing your style of communication.

Target Search Engines and Readers

The process of creating traffic to your blog is long and challenging. One of the best ways of getting visitors is by targeting search engines by using keywords related to your blog topics. Keep updating your site with relevant keywords on your posts until you notice the words that place you in the top ranks of the topic of your specialty. On the same note it is equally important to target readers by building back links to related blogs that have a good amount of traffic. You can also increase the footprints to your site by inviting guest blogs with a back link to their blog sites.

Create a Problem Solving Post

One of the most powerful ways to keep visitors coming to your post is by proactively solving their problems. Use the connection created to find out what problems they need solved and go ahead and present solutions. Within a short period visitors will realize they are getting great value and will turn to your blog anytime they need a problem solved.

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Engage your Visitors

Creating a relationship with your audience is the first step to getting their loyalty. Always take the time to answer to your audience concerns or queries and look for ways to increase the engagement levels. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter and ensure you reach out to them on any other channel available. That way your audience will feel a connection and will connect you to their friends and family.


The value of branding your blog can not be underestimated. If you are writing a personal blog, it is a good idea to have a photo of yourself prominently displayed on the blog. The same is true if you are writing on behalf of your product, make sure there is a logo of the brand prominently displayed as this creates advertising through association. The audience have a connection with you when they keep seeing your picture and they feel like they know you better, the same is true of a brand logo.

Have a Sharing Option

It is a good idea to have an easy to use sharing option on your blog so that anyone who wishes to share any material can do so easily. If people get to share your material, the people who come in contact with the material elsewhere will be directed back to your site for more and this will increase the number of visitors to your site.

Are there other ways to get blog noticed on the Internet? Yes there are. These are just a few tips, the number of options available to you for getting more traffic to your site are countless. They depend on your objectives as well as your topics of interest.

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