Google Panda: Google’s Demand for Quality Content

Google Panda – Since the recent update of Google, which was the Google Panda, there were a lot of major top-ranking websites that got affected. Article directories were not exempted.

Numerous of website owners are trying hard to pull up their ranking stats in the web industry arena until now. This was a huge impact Google Panda has brought to many people. Even legit websites with good quality contents were affected too.

The question everyone keeps asking is “What does Google want?

The answer to this question is actually simple.

Google Panda update was done because Google demands professional content. Instead of quickly written articles providing little or no real information, Google wants facts and details. Content is king. The object is to provide visitors with content they can actually use. The more efficient and beneficial is your content, the more visitors will come back.

Google looks carefully at a number of factors, such as how long visitors stay on a site, as well as repeat visits, bookmarks and shared links. With Panda, they are also looking at the quality of the content itself. This is why only professional content is making the cut.

The best way to make Google and other search engines satisfied is to provide what they want. Take the time to commission professional copy. Instead of you having to take valuable time to study everything Google wants from your content, rely on professional copywriting services.

Content writers and copywriters have studied and proven what specifically Google Panda wants. They know how to craft content that meets all the requirements without any guesswork. This is time you can put back into your website and business. You are already busy, why add another role to your responsibilities? Instead of shouldering the role of writer, go to the experts.

Copywriting services have writers in several of fields, so that a content is written with professionalism and quality, yet friendly for website visitors or readers. If Google is happy and satisfied with your content, then, so are your website visitors. The result for you is a higher page rank and increased traffic. The ultimate result is a highly successful website.

There shouldn’t be any legitimate website that deserves to suffer because of the Google Panda update. When professionals are ready and waiting, there is no reason your site can’t be back on top quickly. The longer you sit at the bottom of the search results, the more visitors your competitors are taking away.

If Google Panda wants professional content, give it to them. It can only benefit your website. Take existing content and let professionals give it a makeover. Commission new content to keep your site updated with the latest information. Never let your website be missed.

You know that the fix for this problem is simple.

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