Google+ Real Name Verification for Public Figures and Celebrities

Google+ has recently added the real name verification feature for Public Figures and Celebrities. The main purpose behind this is to prevent people from impersonating famous public figures.

Unfortunately, this Google+ Real Name Verification advanced feature is not applicable or available for standard Google+ users.

Google Plus Real Name Verification Button

Google+ real name verification
Google+ Real Name Verification

The Google+ Real name verificationfeature was actually a rumored feature that will be added. This was already expected after a few known incidents that celebrities got banned because they were suspected to be imposters.

Even though, the accounts of these celebrities were re-activated, the issue has brought some warnings that fake profiles of public figures and celebrities should be stopped.

On, it is highly encouraged that celebrities or public figures must create their own fan pages, instead of personal Facebook profiles.  Anybody who is caught impersonating or doing such similar act is going to be banned. On Twitter, they are encouraged to get verified. Definitely, Google+ is following the same process for security identity purposes.

Currently, standard Google+ users will not be able to take advantage of the name verification yet; however, Google is thinking of making this identity verification feature, even to non public figures someday. At the present, public figures and celebrities who have profiles on Google+ will have the name verification option that they can setup on their own accounts.

It is a commitment and desire of Google to have real people with real identities on their Google+ network. Also, with the intention to remedy the dissatisfaction, Google+ has revealed the news that they are giving some “grace period” those who are using their uncommon names.

As stated by Saurabh Sharma, Google Plus users who are violating their policy are only given up to four days to correct their names or they will be removed from service.

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