5 Great Cycling Apps for iPhone

LiveRider5 Great Cycling Apps for Your iPhone

Each year we see more and more handy, helpful apps appear on the market that quickly become valued assets for many different industries, hobbies and activities. Cycling is no exception. There are so many great apps for cyclists, so to help narrow down your search for the best iPhone software, here are 5 top picks to check out in the app store.


Live Rider is a cutting-edge app that works with a cycling hardware attachment (sensor) to transform your iPhone into a fully-fledged cycling computer.

The app itself is free but you’ll have to buy the sensor. It’s a worthwhile purchase though, as the app is pre-programmed with lots of information and calibrations to allow for very detailed tracking, recording and assessment of all your rides. You can also configure it easily to fit custom bikes outside of the predetermined configurations.

With a high resolution colour interface it takes all the most detailed functions of a high-tech cycling computer and transforms them into a simple, intuitive app that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Bicycle Gear Calculator – Bike Gears

This app allows you to calculate gear inches, gear ratios and development and gain ratios for your own bike using its unique measurements.

With over 200 tire sizes pre-programmed into the app it makes calculating easy, but it also has the capability to input custom measurements. You can test out possible configurations to see which will best fit your requirements – especially handy for those building bikes from the ground up, making avoiding mistakes easy.

It makes conversions simple and configuring bikes a breeze. A must have app for anybody who’s serious about tuning their bike for optimum performance.

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Bike Maps

For only $1.99, Bike Maps gives you unlimited access to bike routes, lanes and trails all over the globe.

Bike Maps will show all the possible cycling spots in your area. It also provides info on elevation, transit stops and even some local businesses, like bike shops and cafes. You can also track your rides through the app, get information on speed and distances, and review your past rides. You can even share photos of your routes online.

Simple but effective, Bike Maps is the best way to explore new areas by bike, or get to know your home turf better, learning all the best sports for a two-wheeled cruise, without worrying about dead ends or getting lost.

Bike Doctor

For a small price, Bike Doctor 2.0 allows you to become your own bicycle maintenance master. This app provides you with simple, easy to follow instructions on how to fix many common problems and carry out maintenance on your beloved bike.

From dealing with punctures and worn brakes, to adjusting parts and settings, to cleaning and lubricating, and so much more, this app makes keeping your bike in prime condition a breeze.


More artwork than app, Cyclepedia is the perfect addition to the iPhone of true lovers of all things cycling. With stunning design, impeccable interface and unrivalled content, it’s an app that brings cycling history to your fingertips.

From Merida bikes to Giants, Mavics to Kestrels, you name a bike and you’ll find an exquisite 360 degree, high definition image to peruse. There’s a glossary explaining all sorts of cycling terms, bike guides, rare cycling videos, a library of historical racing jerseys, and so much more information to satisfy the most avid of cycling nuts.

All very different and very helpful in their own unique ways, these apps are a great addition to any cyclists’ repertoire of resources. Check them out today and you’re bound to be hooked.

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